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Sandgrens Custom Made Swedish Clogs – Rio Grande Review

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I love shoes, but by far I love sandals the most. This summer I wanted to find a pair of sandals that were different from what I usually wear, and Sandgrens fit the bill perfectly! 

Sandgrens is a Swedish company that has been crafting traditional Swedish clogs, high fashion clogs, clog sandals and clog boots since the 1800’s. They use only the finest leathers, wooden bases and metal hardware to create their beautiful, custom-made wood clogs. Each pair of shoes is hand-made and created to the highest standards of fashion and comfort. They have a huge selection of clogs, available in many colors and styles for men, women and children.


In fact, they have such a wonderful selection, that choosing just one pair was quite the challenge! I finally decided on one of their most popular clog sandals, the Rio Grande Low. This style is what many believe make up the term “Swedish Clog”. It’s low heel makes it the perfect clog sandal to wear with practically anything including dresses, skirts, shorts and even jeans. The base is made of Swedish Alder Wood, and the upper is made of a soft, nubuc leather. Staples fasten the leather giving the shoe a cute and stylish appearance.


I haven’t had a pair of clogs since I was a child, so at first I was worried that the wooden base would be quite uncomfortable, but I was wrong! They are actually one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I love how the soles are curved to fit the shape of my foot, and how the bottoms are not smooth and slick, but instead are designed to grip all types of surfaces whether carpet or hardwoods. With many sandals of a similar style, ones that have straps going across the toes or around the back of the ankle, you can get an uncomfortable rubbing. Sandgrens Rio Grande’s do not rub at all, instead they are comfortably snug – just the way you want them to.

The Rio Grande Low are available in several colors including denim, rust, cherry and yellow. They are also available in a mid, high and wedge heel. They retail for around $139.00, and are well worth the price!


Sandgren’s Sizing

Keep in mind that Sandgren’s uses European sizing, and since their clogs are handmade, each pair will have its own unique characteristics. When you find a pair you like, be sure to check out the sizing chart for the specific pair as their clogs will vary in length and width depending on the wood and leather.  I actually wound up having to go up one full size to get the perfect fit.

Sandgren’s Swedish clogs can be ordered directly through their website. Mine arrived literally within days of ordering! You can also connect with Sandgren’s on Facebook and Twitter.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.