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Scott’s Liquid Gold: ‘Be Good to Your Wood!’

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I love wood furniture, the rich, warm tones, smooth, silky texture, and its sturdiness, durability and endless style.  The only thing I do not like, is how easily it shows dust, fingerprints, water stains and more.  Much of our furniture is wood, and that means I spend a lot of time dusting, polishing, cleaning  and trying to protect it, especially since much of it was in the house where I grew up.

table cleaned with scott's liquid gold
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For as long as I can remember, we always used one particular brand of wood cleaner and preservative which my father bought, so therefore I always assumed it was the best brand.  Once I inherited the furniture, I stuck with that same brand out of familiarity, until recently, when, thanks to, I had the opportunity to try a different brand, Scott’s Liquid Gold.  

scotts liquid gold in can

Scott’s Liquid Gold has been making wood care products for 60 years now, and they make everything from wood polish to wood cleaner and preservatives.  I was sent a 10 ounce aerosol can of Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative in their Original Almond Fragrance, and it is exactly what my furniture needed!  Don’t get this confused with basic wood polish, it’s not, it is a wood cleaner and a wood preservative…a big difference, and one that does much more than just wipe off dust and add some shine.

Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative is a wax-free, silicone-free, organic oil that not only enhances your wood’s natural color, grain, and sheen, but also helps to preserve and protect your wood by cleaning, shining, dusting, and restoring.   It is safe for use on all natural finished or unfinished wood surfaces including new and antique wood furniture, cabinets, doors, paneling & woodwork. And since it doesn’t contain any waxes or silicones, you don’t have to worry about it leaving a waxy residue or build-up over time.  In fact, Scott’s Liquid Gold actually removes light wax build-up that other cleaners leave behind.

dusty table before cleaning

Scott’s also works to replenish the wood’s natural moisture which helps to protect against cracking, warping and fading, therefore extending the life of your wood.  Plus it works to repel dust and bring out the wood’s true color, helping to lessen the appearance of scratches and nicks.  Fingerprints, water stains, glass rings, dust and other types of dirt, no matter how deep down, are easily and completely removed when you use Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative.

after cleaning

I was nothing short of amazed with the difference Scott’s Liquid Gold made in the appearance of my furniture.  While the furniture has always been pretty with rich tones, I never realized how pretty and how deep and rich the tones really were until I used Scott’s.  It not only cleaned the wood and got rid of dust, fingerprints and other grime, but it also removed build up, polished the wood to a high shine and brought out its natural color.  You can clearly see the difference in the pictures.

dark wood hutch before cleaning

We have a problem with dust in this apartment, it does not matter how often I change the air filter or dust the furniture, about a week later, you can see another layer of dust on all surfaces. This time, a week after I used Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative, there is still no dust!  The wood is shiny, glossy, clean and dust-free.  I am simply amazed!

after cleaning with Scott's Liquid Gold

I liked the way one spritz is enough to clean almost an entire piece of furniture, and while the wood is so shiny it looks either wet or covered with polish when I run my finger across the surface, it is completely dry to the touch, and any fingerprints are a cinch to wipe off.  And did I mention the incredibly clean scent that permeates your home when you clean with Scott’s?

I definitely recommend Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative to anyone that has wood surfaces in their home.  My furniture has not looked this good since the day it was bought, all of those years ago!  I am willing to bet that this furniture will be around for my children’s children as long as I continue to use Scott’s Liquid Gold!


Did you know that Scott’s Liquid Gold will also clean and shine stainless steel and brass? Yep, it’s true! Give it a try!

All Scott’s Liquid Gold products can be purchased everywhere cleaning products are sold, both online and off.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Did you mean that Scott's does not contain "silicones"? Silicone is a totally different substance than silicon. Silicon is a very hard, brittle, silver-colored element, and I have never heard of a furniture treatment that included silicon, unless it was meant to sand it with abrasion. And there are a lot of cheaper abrasives than silicon.

Alaina Bullock

Friday 5th of July 2019

Hi Bart, Great catch! Thank you - I didn't even notice I'd done that when proofreading. I've corrected it throughout the post. Thanks again!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.