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How Do I Knit If I’m Left Handed? Simple Tips for a Left-Handed Knitter

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Easy Tips for Becoming a Competent Left-Handed Knitter

Becoming a competent left-handed knitter doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is a little practice and these simple tips!

Did you know that there is evidence to suggest knitting was a common pastime in the 11th century? Socks have been found in Egypt which appear to have been created with the traditional two needle approach. In fact, knitting has even been linked with a time dating before Christ when fishermen knotted their fishing nets.

Simple Tips for Becoming a competent left-handed knitter

Whether you have been knitting for years or have just seen how many impressive creations can be made with two needles and some quality knitting wool there is always something new and challenging to try.

However, what if you are left handed? Most of the patterns you will see are designed for right-handed knitters but, with just a few small changes you can easily become a competent left-handed knitter:

Know The Terminology

There are four main knitting terms, Cast on, cast off, knit and purl. Learning these will enable you to knit most things.

The images you will see are almost certainly designed for right-handed knitters. But, by holding the picture up to a mirror you can see how it would work for a left-hander knitter.

Once you have mastered the technique in reverse you can start knitting:

Learn to Cast On

Make a slipknot and put it on the needle held in your right hand. The left hand then makes a ribbon shape loop with the yarn; it should sit on top of the other needle. This can be held in place with your left thumb and index finger.

Then twist it slightly before sliding the needle through it, or it onto the needle. Pull it snug but not too tight. All you have to do then is repeat until you have enough stitches across the top of your item.

Work The Needle

A left-handed knitter will hold the working needle in their left hand while the right one remains stationary. To knit, your left needle goes through the first cast on stitch and forms an X at the top of your needles.

Then pull the yarn up and through the loop before sliding the loop off the right needle and onto the left. Then move onto the next stitch on your right needle until you have completed all of them.

You can then switch hands, returning the completed needle to your right hand so that it can continue to be the stationary one.

Casting Off

Casting on starts the item, working the needle builds the rows, while casting off finishes it. All you need to do is complete two stitches as per the above instructions and then slide the right needle through the left most stitch on the other needle. Slide the stitch off and onto the right needle then repeat until you have finished all the stitches. You will need to knot the final stitch before admiring your handiwork.

As with anything practice is the key to success. At first becoming a competent left-handed knitter may seem complicated and even difficult, but you will quickly learn and be able to do it without thinking; then all you need is plenty of quality knitting wool!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.