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Six Easy Ways To Make Your Morning Coffee Healthier

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If you like to start your day with a hot cup of joe, you may be interested to know that there are several ways to make your morning coffee healthier. Keep reading to learn more…

A fresh cup of coffee is a daily habit for most people that helps to start the day positively and give a much-needed boost of energy. Aside from providing a significant dose of antioxidants and boosting athletic performance, this popular beverage may also help to prevent various ailments, including colon and breast cancers, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s. 

6 ways to make your morning coffee healthier

However, with a variety of artificially flavored creamers, specialty lattes, and funky sugars pretending to be healthy foods, your cup of joe can quickly transform into a calorie bomb. Thankfully, there are simple ways to make your morning coffee healthier. Here are six small changes you can make in your coffee-making routine to max out the benefits of your coffee and have it work for you, not against you.

Make Sure To Eat First

Running late for work, having a busy schedule, or a day full of important events makes it easy to skip breakfast and start the day only with a cup of coffee. While coffee is considered a stimulant that can suppress your appetite, this effect lasts only temporarily.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can cause different health risks such as a damaged stomach lining and increased anxiety. Also, such coffee intake may reduce your energy levels as the body releases insulin in response to the caffeine and triggers a major drop in blood sugar, leaving you feeling depleted and tired. 

A good idea is to eat breakfast before enjoying your morning coffee in order to get the necessary carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber for overall health. What’s more, avoid excessive caffeine intake throughout the day and refrain from drinking it past 3 p.m. to prevent interruption of your sleeping schedule.

Also, caffeine is known as a diuretic that contributes to fluid loss. Consistent consumption of caffeine can lead to dehydration as many people forget to make up for the amount of water in the body. Make sure to drink at least one cup of water when you wake up and aim for a total of eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.

Use Filtered Water And Organic Beans

Another of the ways to make your morning coffee healthier is to consider the water and coffee beans you use to make your coffee. Since coffee is 99% water, it’s essential to take into account the quality of the water you use for your morning cup. Filtered water ensures there are no unwanted chlorine disinfection byproducts and heavy metals such as lead or copper that can be found in old pipes. 

In addition, consider choosing the highest quality ingredients for the best coffee possible. As the quality of coffee depends greatly on the processing method and how its beans were grown, always pay attention to the type beans purchased.

Coffee is one of the most sprayed crops by synthetic pesticides and other chemicals that could be harmful for human consumption. Therefore, consider opting for organic coffee beans, which is a much healthier option. Certified organic coffee beans will ensure no pesticides or additional chemicals are entering your body via your morning beverage.

ways to make your morning coffee healthier add cbd oil
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940

Try It With A Few Drops Of CBD Oil

Another way to make your morning coffee healthier is to add CBD. Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a natural compound that possesses promising health benefits and healing properties. CBD oil can be a useful addition to your morning coffee to maintain a healthy daily routine while ensuring relief from anxiety, stress, pain, promoting better sleep, and improving overall wellness. 

Indeed, CBD offers a high content of different vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, B complex vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E. It’s also rich in protein, fatty acids, and dietary nutrients that are crucial for supporting the maintenance of a complete, healthy, and well-balanced diet.

You can add 1-2 drops of CBD oil into your cup of coffee to create a grounding morning, supply your body with effective and beneficial components, and increase your mood, focus, and energy levels for the whole day.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners, Creamers & Refined Sugar

Refraining from refined sugar or artificial sweeteners and creamers is another of the simple ways to make your morning coffee healthier. While these can be calorie-free, research shows that artificial sweeteners stimulate cravings and contribute to increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. 

Instead, adjust to drinking unsweetened coffee or use real sugar in small amounts. If you are buying coffee at a coffee shop, make sure to avoid sweetened flavored lattes and frappuccinos as they are usually loaded with extra sugars or artificial sweeteners that are high in calories. Drinking coffee black with no sweetener, this is the healthiest way to receive the benefits from caffeine.

As for both liquid and powder artificial creamers, they are often highly processed and made with corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oils, which are considered harmful trans fats. Consider using decent cream substitutes such as coconut cream or milk with a dash of vanilla extract.

As an alternative, you can mix grass-fed dairy or plant-based milk with a teaspoon of honey for a healthy and flavor-packed coffee additive. You can also add a small amount of organic maple syrup, or if you are feeling ambitious, try to make a homemade creamer.

Add Natural Flavors

Next in our list of ways to make your morning coffee healthier is to add natural flavors. Instead of using chocolate syrup or whipped cream, add a calorie-free boost of flavor such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, unsweetened cocoa powder, or vanilla extract. In addition to improving taste and aroma, spices will promote health benefits and increase your antioxidant intake.

You can easily make your own beneficial spice blends like pumpkin or apple pie spice at home and eliminate the consumption of extra sugar. Add a teaspoon of any powdered spices of your choice to your freshly brewed coffee to bring interesting changes in the flavour profile and change the way you enjoy coffee every day.

simple ways to make your morning coffee healthier
Espresso coffee cup on vintage table and assortment of grinded and roasted coffee beans

Drink It Warm

Our last suggestion for ways to make your morning coffee healthier is to drink it warm. You may think it doesn’t make any difference, but hot coffee is healthier than iced one for several reasons. For instance, studies indicate that hot-brewed coffee contains more antioxidants, which help to protect cells from free radicals. Also, hot beverages can lower the risks of some cancers, diabetes, and depression.

Additionally, try to avoid anxious and jittery over-caffeinated feeling by drinking coffee at a fast pace. You might only need a small cup of coffee to get your energy boost, so allow your body to digest the morning hot beverage sip by sip.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.