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Small Changes For Big Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most common problems among people, that niggling pain that starts in the lower back and spreads until you are rendered completely useless. Chances are that – given you clicked on this blog – you suffer from this excruciating and persistent pain. Well, the good news is that most back pain can be remedied by changes in your lifestyle to reduce the strain and stress on your back.

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By learning how to chop and change the ways you go about doing certain activities, or learning what causes the pain, you can learn how to reduce the pain and discomfort you all too often find yourself in, most of which stems from doing daily tasks.

That is why we have come up with an extensive list of ways you can help yourself with nothing but small changes to your everyday life.

Posture Is Paramount

Improving your posture – both when you are sitting down and when you are standing – can go an extremely long way to relieving you of the back pain you all too often battle with. Something as little as stretching often can have miracle effects on your posture, as can small doses of exercise, all of which will help you manage the pain levels. Of course, if this doesn’t help, or you are concerned your routines are doing more harm than good, then it could be that you visit your nearest Arrowhead Clinic and ask one of the professionals for a more specialized routine to follow. As a general rule, though, swimming and walking are known to offer a quick remedy because of the little amount of stress they put on the back and because they work gently to strengthen muscles.

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Everyday Activities Done Differently

Too many people fail to do everyday activities in the correct way, thus doing more harm to themselves. This is especially common in people that suffer from irregular spells of back pain. The reason for this is we forget how easily we can fall prey to soreness until it is too late. This includes picking up heavy objects while ensuring we use the correct technique of bent knees and straight back, lifting with the legs and straight arms. We hunch over our desks instead of keeping the correct posture or fail to adjust our office chairs to the correct height. The little things are what start to have a huge effect on our weak backs.

Smoking Doesn’t Just Affect Your Lungs

Smoking is harmful to just about every part of your body, including your back. In fact, smoking has been proved to have an increase your chances of contracting a degenerative disc disease. This happens because there is a huge decrease in the viable oxygen being passed around in your bloodstream. What this means is, anyone that smokes and suffers from back problems will take far longer to heal than those who don’t smoke. It is one of the major reasons why doctors and surgeons will ask those who have been through spinal surgery to remain smoke-free for a minimum of four months; it is to aid the healing process of both muscles and bone.

Constant Healthy Weight Is Important

It doesn’t take much to know what classifies as a healthy weight. It can be as simple as a quick trip to your local doctor’s surgery – or heading online – and confirming what the ideal weight is for someone of your height, age and body type. The reason this is so important, and so effective in reducing your chances of succumbing to a grimaced face, is that less weight places less pressure on your body. The muscles of your back and abdomen are especially susceptible to this stress, all of which play a critical role in your well-being. So once you know what weight is best suited to you, come up with a dietary plan that will help you lose weight, and couple it with a low-intensity workout, such as swimming, hiking and walking.

Relax More and Get Stressed Never

Being stressed does this weird thing to our muscles, where they start to tighten which can cause stiffness and cramping, both of which are detrimental to back pain. That is why so many well-being specialists explain the benefits of relaxing techniques in physical betterment. It could be a matter of drinking herbal teas in the morning instead of coffee or doing fifteen minutes of yoga in your living room every morning. It could even be a matter of stretching or meditation. Whatever helps you get to your peaceful place mentally could help you stay healthy physically too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.