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Tenerife Vacation For Foodies: Must-try Dishes Before You Leave

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Whenever you visit an island which is a temporary home to millions of year-round visitors from all corners of the globe – you expect international cuisine. Especially when taking a Tenerife vacation for foodies!

This sun-soaked island, just 180 km off the African coast is no different. Tenerife flights can be booked with just a couple of clicks; as such, going to Tenerife for a fun-filled vacation is easy, and hassle-free. But where do you go for some real local dishes?

Tenerife Dusk

Canarian Chicken

If your favorite meat is chicken, visit one of Adeje Town’s ‘Chicken Shacks’. The chicken portions are rolled in a mix of herbs and spices, and cooked in garlic or mojo oil, depending on choice. Ordering is simplicity itself, if there are three of you; ‘Chicken for three please.’

Separate platters of chicken, salad, canarian potatoes, (small unpeeled potatoes, boiled in heavily salted water until almost boiled dry), and/or fries, will arrive at your table for you to help yourselves. Mojo oil is a base of olive oil, with various spices added such as garlic, paprika, coriander or cumin among others.

Tenerife Potatoes

Restaurant La Langostera 

A 20 minute car drive up the TF1 motorway takes you to Los Abrigos, a picturesque Canarian fishing village on the south coast. The harbor is full of small fishing boats which supply the fish restaurants surrounding the harbor. The Langostera (Lobster Place) has a large fish menu, but the ‘must-try’ while you are here is the lobster.
These guys are lobster experts, baked, grilled or flambed at your table and served in a choice of sauce. Not sure about the lobster? Then try Cherne, a local wreckfish similar to cod. Just grilled, drizzled with oil, and sprinkled with herbs.

Tenerife lobster dish


If you are enjoying a large family holiday, then a Canarian hog-roast will make for an enjoyable evening while you rub shoulders with the locals and ex-pats. San Martin Restaurant, ‘The Pig Farm’ is in the small village of Cabo Blanco, 20 minutes heading north on the TF1, and taking the Buzanada exit.
A large restaurant situated in Cabo Blanco church square, it specialises in suckling pig. Enjoy a beer or glass of the local wine as you watch your hog being roasted. Slices of succulent pork, served with a tray of Canarian potatoes, leeks and onions. If your teeth can take it, be sure to sample the crackling.

Daytime Snacks 

Tapas bars abound all over mainland Spain and the Islands. Tapas is Spanish for snacks. Next time you get the lunchtime hunger pangs, give the nearest British bar a miss, and settle yourself on the terrace of the Tapas Bar next door. Served in small, usually earthenware dishes, tapas range from battered and fried fish or squid, various meats in spicy sauces, or cold dishes including olives and cheese. A real Spanish snack, to set you up for the coming evening meal.

Tenrife tapas

Canarian cuisine is a mix of styles and flavours from around Mediterranean Europe, and West Africa. While restaurants large and small to suit every palate can be found in the tourist areas. Take the time to go that little further out, and enjoy some real Canarian cuisine.

Tenerife Sunset by Jesus Solana via Flickr
Tenerife – Puerto de la Cruz – Dusk by Jörg Lange via Flickr
Tenerife Potatoes by Pavlo Hryhorash via Flickr
Tenerife Lobster by Sarah Ackerman via Flickr
Tenerife Passion Fruit tapas by Sarah Ackerman via Flickr

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.