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Therapik Review: Alternative Relief for Insect Bites

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Although Summer may be officially over, temperatures are still warm enough, especially down in the South for the occasional mosquito bite. In fact, late Summer and Early Fall are when bees and wasps are most active and therefore most likely to sting. Trying to enjoy the woods or clearing out the backyard or even hanging around at the tailgating party on a Saturday afternoon are prime opportunities for these insects to get a bite. While there are plenty of treatment options for insect bite relief running the gauntlet from creams to essential oils, many people are leaning to alternative treatment options, and I recently had the opportunity to review one such item, called Therapik.


Therapik is a revolutionary new treatment that uses heat to treat over 20,000 species of insect and sea creature bites and stings. It is based on a simple, proven scientific finding that most insect venom is sensitive to heat. Therapik uses patented technology to deliver heat in the specific temperature range needed to neutralize the venom therefore easing the itching and pain caused by insect bites and stings.


It is a small, hand-held, lightweight portable device that uses one 9 volt battery to power a small 5 volt electric bulb. To put it simply, since the battery is 9 volts, the bulb is basically over-driven to produce an higher energy output resulting in heat. All you have to do is push and hold the button to activate the bulb, and lightly place the opening against the bite.


Don’t worry about burns from the bulb because it is set back 2 mm inside the housing. That opening is covered by a mesh screen (also recessed to avoid burning) which helps to avoid pushing any stinger that may have been left behind further into the skin. This means treatment can be started to neutralize the pain before even removing the stinger.


Apply the heat to the sting for as long as it is bearable – the average application time is around 30 seconds.  Keep in mind, the heat is produced only as long as the switch is depressed; when you release the switch, heat is no longer produced. You can reapply Therapik as often as needed until relief is obtained. Therapik treatment will be most effective if it can be applied as soon as possible after the bite.


I recently had the chance to test Therapik when I was outside playing with some potted plants. I didn’t notice the line of fire ants streaming only a few inches away from my sandal-clad feet, and sure enough within maybe 3 minutes I felt the first sting. I quickly knocked the rest off, and reached for the Therapik which I had brought outside in my little garden tool tote. I will go ahead and mention here that I was extremely skeptical about Therapik working;  not so much on mosquito bites as I have used heat to treat those before, but from painful stings. Long story short, I laid the opening against the bite, pushed and held the button for as long as I could bear it, and to my surprise, after one more treatment, the pain subsided! I was amazed!


Holding the opening against my skin, I felt a gradual warming that quickly became hot – not burn your skin hot – but hot. I was able to stand it for the thirty seconds, and probably could have gone one or two more, before I released the button. I waited about 10 seconds before applying it again. No red marks were left from the heat, only from the ant bite. But that bite did not hurt anymore, nor did it start itching later.

WikiImages / Pixabay

As twisted as this will sound, I am quite curious to see how it would work on a bee sting, but hopefully I, nor anyone else in my family, will never have to find out! Remember, Therapik does not replace treatment for allergic reactions;  if you are allergic to any insect sting or bite, seek immediate medical attention. Therapik will NOT work on spiders, scorpions and snake bites.

Motorbiene / Pixabay

Approved by the FDA, Therapik guarantees that it will relieve the pain and itching associated with insect stings and bites. It comes with a one year guarantee under normal operating conditions. You can find Therapick directly through the Therapik website, as well as through and many other online sites. You can also find it at WalMart and other local retailers. Prices vary, but through the Therapik website you can get it for $12.95. A great price for a natural, drug-free way to get relief from the itching and pain resulting from insect bites and more.

For more information, visit, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for even more information, promotions and more!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.