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Tips for Moving with Children – Make the Move Less Stressful for Everyone

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Moving can be an exciting time for many but it can also be quite stressful. And even more so if you are moving with children.

On top of all of the common worries that come with moving house, there’s also the worry about new schools, friends left behind, and changes in routine.

While moving can create the unexpected, there are a number of things that you can do to prepare yourself and make moving with children as smooth as possible.

Moving is hard enough, but when children are involved, it becomes even harder. These tips can make moving with children easier, for everyone!

Have a Talk with Your Kids

As early as you can, sit down and talk to your children about what moving will mean for them. Be sure to give specific details about the upcoming changes and answer any questions they may have.

Be sure to point out exciting aspects, too. For example, perhaps your children will now have their own bedrooms or a new large backyard.

By talking with you kids they will have a much easier time visualizing and adjusting to their new reality.

Get the Kids Involved

Getting your kids excited about the move can be difficult if they do not want to move. Help make this time fun and exciting for them by doing things such as allowing them to get creative and plan their own bedroom.

You could also let them pick out a new item for their new room. This could be the paint color, a new bedspread, a rug, or even a set of curtains. Doing so will help create excitement and a sense of anticipation.

Depending on their age, children can also get involved in the moving process by helping to pack their own things. If you have more than one child, give each a colored marker so they can color-code their own boxes. This will help them feel more confident that their stuff will go in the correct room.

They could also help pack the car and the truck if you’re moving yourselves. If you are using a moving company such as Suddath local moving companies, find a game or art activity to keep the kids entertained and out of the way.

Start a Countdown

Children, especially younger kids, can be very scared of the unknown. As it gets closer to the big day, help them prepare by starting a countdown with them. Use a calendar and allow them to mark off each day either first thing in the morning or at the day’s end. This way they know exactly how long until moving day and it won’t be such a shock or surprise once the day arrives.

Allow Others to Help You

As parents we often feel a strong need to do it all for ourselves and our children.  However, when moving with children, if someone offers their help, take them up on their offer.

It can really help make moving less stressful for everyone if the kids are still able get out and do the things that they were doing before the move. Hiring babysitters and allowing friends and family to help will enable your children to keep life as normal as possible.

Hire a Mover

Speaking of allowing others to help, packing and then moving all of your belongings by yourself is a huge undertaking. It is both time-consuming and physically exhausting. It can also feel like an impossible feat to accomplish when you also have children to watch. This is the perfect time to ask for help from professional movers such as Moving Solutions.

Based out of Nashville, these experienced commercial movers offer a full range of moving services including residential moving, labor-only help, and even packaging services. They are also one of the best long-distance movers in Tennessee if you are planning a move across or out of state,

They have everything you need to make your move easier and less stressful for your entire family.

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Moving is a Great Time for Donating

Moving can be the perfect time to clean out clothes, toys, and all of the clutter in your home. Getting a clean, fresh, and clutter free start can make life a lot easier. Involve your children in deciding what they want to keep, and what they are willing to donate.

Create a Keepsake of “Home”

Creating a keepsake of all of the things that you love about your current home can really help your kids when they get lonely or sad. Take pictures of your kids and their friends at all of their favorite places and turn those into a collage that they can hang on the wall of their new room.

tips on moving with children to a new house like this one

Allow Your Kids to Pack a Small Carry Bag

When you are moving it is important for your children to have some of their favorite things with them. Allow them each to pack a bag with five or six of their favorite toys and activities to keep them busy while on the road, and while waiting for your things to arrive at your new home.

Have a Goodbye Party

Having a party to say goodbye to your friends, family, and neighbors is a great idea. It can help your children to see how much they were loved where you lived. It can also help them feel special during a time when they might be feeling unheard.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Packing can be hard to accomplish when you busy and short on time. Put kids into the mix and you are going to find that is even more difficult. Remember to give yourself the extra time you need for your move. Start packing early so you are not left with a hug list of things to do as moving day draws near. This will help prevent stress which in turn will help your children stay stress-free as well.

In Summary

Moving with children doesn’t have to be stressful. Use the above tips on moving with children to create a smooth transition to a new home for your entire family.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.