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Tips to Help You De-Stress This Spring

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Relieving stress in our daily lives is accomplished by establishing a daily routine, exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and finding hobbies and techniques to relieve stress. Below are some simple ways to de-stress this spring.

de-stress this spring

Take Care of Yourself

Establish a routine in the morning to begin your day. Wash your face, brush your teeth, eat breakfast and get ready with a daily routine. Take care of your health and get a physical checkup with your doctor every year. It’s important to care for your teeth too and go for a checkup at least every six months. A physical checkup is a way to prevent serious illness and take measures to stay healthy. Preventative medicine is the key to good health.

Establish a regular exercise routine that you enjoy doing several days a week. It can be walking, biking, swimming, gardening, yoga, doing housework, or running. Plan your meals ahead and learn to cook healthier meals. Get a good night’s sleep and establish a nightly routine to help you de-stress this spring.

Eat Healthy to Alleviate Stress

Often when you are stressed, you drink too much coffee and eat food with high salt, sugar, and fat. Caffeine in coffee and sodas can make you jittery and hyper. Learn to cut down on your daily intake, and drink no more than two to three cups daily. Drink your coffee or tea slowly and try to enjoy the taste. Replace soda with flavored seltzer and a squeeze of lemon or lime.

Write a list when you shop and find some new healthy recipes to try. Buy more fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, and read labels before buying. Prepare some meals ahead the night before or on weekends. When you come home after work all you will have to do is heat the meal up.

Learn to make easy meals that can be prepared quickly. Cut back on alcohol consumption. Consider one drink per day with dinner a few nights per week to de-stress this spring.

Walk Instead of Drive

Most of us cannot walk everywhere we have to go, the distance is too far. But walking when you have time is very good for your physical and mental health. Drivers waste 17 hours per year driving around trying to find the closest parking space. This adds up to $345 dollars per driver of wasted time, gas, and emissions.

When you go shopping, to the doctor, or special events park further away and walk a few blocks to get to your destination. Walk to the mailbox or when you visit someone that lives nearby. Drive to a local park walk on the trails or paths. Walking burns calories improves your mood, works off anger and other negative emotions, boosts the immune system, and helps you think more clearly. It has many positive benefits.

Find Techniques to Use to Relieve Stress

Stress is part of our daily lives and finding a way to deal with it at work, school, home, and other situations improves our health. A simple method is to breathe deeply when you are upset, and this will relax you. Take some time to learn some simple breathing exercises, to deal with stress. Eat a healthy snack on your break that is nutritious and filling. Take the time to eat slowly, and get off the computer. Listen to some music, watch a movie or TV show, read a book, or play a board game.

Learn a craft sewing, making soap, quilting, designing greeting cards, photography or drawing. A hobby takes your mind off your problems and can help you de-stress this spring.

Turn off your computer and cell phones, and spend some time listening to the radio, taking a short walk, working in the garden, cooking a meal, or cleaning the house. This will alleviate distractions by emails, social media, and phone calls. Distractions add to the stress of our daily lives.

Learn To Do Some of Your Own Home Repairs

Learn to do some simple tasks and repairs at home to relieve stress and save money. Learn how to paint walls and ceilings using safe paint without harmful chemicals. Stain floors with polyaspartic coatings because they have low to zero VOC. This type of stain is safer for people and pets.

Learn to unclog a toilet or drains using a plunger or commercial plumbing product. Follow directions and wear gloves when using them. Organize the rooms in your home and learn to give away and donate what you do not use. Having room in your home and reducing clutter relieves stress.

These are some tips to de-stress this spring. All these activities lead to improving your daily life.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.