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Top Gift Ideas That Are Truly Unique

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We all look for the perfect gift that will light up the faces of our loved ones, but sometimes it can be difficult. Once you’ve exhausted their hobbies and what you know of their interests, where do you go next? There’s always the dreaded voucher option, but you don’t want them thinking you’ve put no thought into it at all. Well, stop fretting. We’ve collected a bunch of fantastic unique gifts that are bound to give you ideas. From giving the personal touch with something bespoke to some gifts that are simply so cool and out there that they’ll never be expected. Just keep reading and your gifting woes will be behind you with these top gift ideas that are truly unique.

Top Gift Ideas That Are Truly Unique bobble head dollsImage via Flickr

Personalized bobbleheads

These are great for anyone with a sense of humor or anyone who spends a lot of their time driving. Using photographs you’ve submitted, you can have a bobblehead created in great detail and minute accuracy. Whether you want to give a mini version of yourself or give them a mini version of themselves to display, a bobblehead is bound to give them a big grin. 

Personalized books

Great for kids and big kids alike. One of my favorites are personalized books. They can be filled with messages to a loved one for them to read when you’re apart. They can also be a fantastic way to document some of the special moments in a life, including “From Bump To Birthday”. You can even get books that will hold all those treasured drawings and abstract art projects your little ones are bound to come up with every now and then. There are all kinds of bespoke books for all kinds of occasions, so see which one fits for you.

Top Gift Ideas That Are Truly Unique personalized booksImage

Art for book lovers

Another book related one, but these are pieces of wall-art for those that love nothing more than a good read. We’ve already taken a look in the past at these cover art prints and how to incorporate them into your décor. Still, we thought they would make an excellent gift as well. As the cover says, these are very much for book nerds featuring art of Grimm Fairy Tales, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and much more. They look fantastic and are just another way your favourite bookworm can display their love of literature.

Top Gift Ideas That Are Truly Unique olive treeImage via Flickr

An olive tree

We know what you’re thinking. “What about the postage and packaging!?” Well, don’t panic. This gift allows you to adopt an olive tree right in the heart of Italy. Olive oil has been a luxury gift since ancient Roman times and, when it comes to the really good stuff, that hasn’t changed.

Personalized apron

Another one for the lovers of cooking and baking. All of us who consider ourselves a bit handy in the kitchen have those one or two recipes we’re super proud of. Those of us who just eat have those treats we’re extra fond of. Aprons are a funny and wonderfully personalized gift. They’re also a rather touching way of saying just how much you love and appreciate someone’s talents. Or at the very least, their food. If it’s for a loved one, there’s the whole benefit that aprons can be rather dishy looking, too.


Cufflinks are always a good idea to get any sharp dresser. No doubt they like having a selection to go with their suits and look at them with special meaning like most jewellery. Why not try getting them a pair that are both unique to them and a bit out-of-the-box and chic, too? These cufflinks come with engraved initials which the recipient is bound to love. They also stand out because they’re entirely made of wood, giving an addition of a nice, earthy tone and understated class to any outfit.

Personalized Mr Men and Little Miss Mugs

We all know and love these characters – Little Miss and Mr Men. Nostalgia from dozens of readings from our childhood might pop up as soon as we see them. As charming as they are all on their own, how about making them extra touching as a gift? Whether it’s a Mr. or Little Miss is in your life. They’ll soon have a favorite mug when they see these adorable Little Miss or Mr. Men coffee mugs!We all know there’s nothing better than a new favorite mug in the morning.

Top Gift Ideas That Are Truly Unique mapsImage via flickr


This is a new gift that’s becoming a bit of a rage for travellers. As you might imagine from the name, Scratchmaps are maps that you scratch. When you do, the canvas peels back to highlight the map in wonderful colour. This is a great gift for anyone who loves travelling. Even better for couples who want to keep a record of all the places they’ve been. Whether you’ve gone together or had separate trips, the map lets you both throw them together and take a look over the roads you’ve travelled. A great, personalized gift that will no doubt inspire a whole new urge to take a vacation.

We hope this collection of tips has helped. There’s nothing better than a totally unexpected gift – especially gift ideas that are truly unique. Something personalized and uniquely touching all on its own. Something so out-of-the-box and worthwhile it leaves you speechless. Even better if it’s something you can share with the recipient for ages to come. We’re always excited to find the latest gift ideas that will surprise and delight our loved ones so be sure to come back in future for even more fab notions.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.