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6 Great Ways To Spend A Rainy Weekend

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It’s raining, it’s pouring, and you just don’t feel like leaving the house. Rainy weekends are the worse. You may have to put off your plans for another week. And it can be difficult trying to entertain the kids all day. However, your weekend doesn’t have to be ruined because of the rain. There are many fun things you can do at home inside; things that bad weather won’t spoil! Here are six great ways to spend a rainy weekend.

Duvet Day

If it’s cold and gray, you may find it hard getting out of bed. Make it easier on yourself and have a duvet day with the whole family! Take your duvet down and get snuggled up together in front of the TV. Put on your favorite TV show or movie and enjoy with a big bowl of fresh popcorn. Think about getting a watch-on-demand service so you can watch any show whenever you want.

Bake Day

If your kids love baking, then they’ll love spending a rainy day in the kitchen baking all kinds of cakes and biscuits. If you make lots of bakes, you can freeze some and keep them for a later date. That’ll save you from eating them all at once! Not only is this fun, but you’ll be teaching your kids essential home-maintenance skills.

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Board Games

For some old school fun, dig out your board games, dust them down and get the whole family together for a game! Board games are great for bringing people together. You’ll all bond while playing and will have fun as you try and beat one another. Pick a game such as Pictionary that encourages team playing.

Spring Clean

It may not be a fun option, but getting all your cleaning done on a rainy day will help you get it all done and out of the way. Meaning you have more time for fun stuff on days when the weather is better. Take the whole day to clean your home from top to bottom and to do all the chores you’ve been putting off for a while.


Get Creative

If the kids are getting bored of TV and their game consoles, get them doing arty things. How about make some cool superhero outfits together? You could also make sock puppets and get the kids to put on a show.Or just keep things simple and draw or paint together. Being creative will help stimulate your child’s mind, helping them to develop skills.


You don’t have to go outside to do some gardening! You can stay dry and make some fairy gardens inside. All you need is a plant pot full of soil. You can sow some seeds in the soil and also decorate the top with colorful stones, shells, and sticks. Make your mini garden beautiful so fairies will come and visit it!

So why let the rain put a damper on your day? Hopefully, this list will give you plenty of ideas on great ways to spend a rainy weekend!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.