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Top Reasons to Pack Lunch for School

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4 Reasons to Pack Lunch for School

It may still be summertime, but school is just around the corner. We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but having a healthy lunch at school is just as important. A healthy lunch helps fends off hunger and keeps your child focused. School lunches are notorious for being both unhealthy and unappetizing. In fact, cafeteria lunches can be a huge contributing factor to weight gain during childhood years, as most schools lack healthy options like fresh veggies due to budget constraints. If you’d like to help your children build healthy habits, then send them off to school with a lunch box packed with a delicious meal to get them through the school day. Here are some of the top reasons to pack lunch for school.

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When you pack your child’s lunch in a well-insulated lunch box, you’re ensuring that the food they get is fresh. The food available from school cafeterias has often been sitting out for at least an hour  – plenty long enough to get cold or stale. Tightly sealed containers within a heavy-duty lunch box help your child’s lunch retain the correct temperature.


Most school lunches come with limited (and boring) sides. When you pack a lunch for your kids, they’ll be able to get variety with every lunch. A turkey and cheese wrap pairs perfectly with fresh strawberries and pita chips, and a school cafeteria is unlikely to offer a combination like this.

Reduce Food Wastage

Many school cafeterias serve large portions which results in a lot of food being wasted throughout the course of the year. Since school food has to be tossed at the end of lunchtime, you could also end up losing quite a bit of money by buying school lunch every day. Packing a lunch allows you to cut down on wastage, as you can tailor the amount of food that your child needs, as well as save the leftovers. You can also pack your kids’ favorite foods a couple of times a week to help ensure that they eat every bite.

Gain Peace of Mind

Schools have to buy food in bulk and stick to a strict budget, so the options available at the cafeteria are often cheap and packed with preservatives. If you’d like to ensure that your kids are eating a healthy diet that you know is fresh, plan meals ahead of time to send with them to school. It’s difficult to get a hold of the nutrition information about school lunches, so skip the hassle of asking around by packing a lunch in which you know all of the ingredients.


Busy families often purchase a lunch plan from their kids’ school in order to save a few minutes in the morning. It can be difficult to get your family out the door on time in the morning, but packing a lunch for your children is usually the healthiest and most economical choice. By packing a lunch, you’ll be able to rest assured that your kids have a nutritionally balanced, fresh meal to give them the energy they need to make it through a full day of classes. You’ll also be able to feel good about your kids’ lunches because you’ll know exactly where the food comes from and what’s on the ingredient list.

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Saturday 6th of August 2016

I LOVE this!!! I remember eating school lunches as a kid, and they were horrible. I'm always so aware of what goes into my son's body, so I think sending a packed lunch is the best option! Thanks for sharing <3

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