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5 Ways Personal Injury Lawyers Help Motorcycle Accident Victims Claim Maximum Damages

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Motorcycle accidents often cause catastrophic damage. The impact of a collision can throw the rider on the tarmac, which causes significant harm. Motorcycle accident victims typically suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries. At high speed, a motorcycle crash is likely to turn lethal. But common accidents can also occur at intersections when a car misjudges or denies the rider’s right of way. 

person riding a motorcycle through the mountains wearing safety equipment to avoid becoming one of the many motorcycle accident victims

Contrary to popular opinion, weather plays a minimal role in facilitating crashes. So if you or a loved one experienced a motorcycle accident due to a negligent third party, a personal injury lawyer will help you to seek justice and compensation by navigating the legal process. The following are the five areas in which your legal team can help motorcycle accident victims with restitution.

1. Insurance

Insurers tend to be biased against motorcyclists, so it can be difficult to secure coverage without the help of a lawyer. Settlements for motorcycle accident victims are often unfairly low, and police reports are frequently one-sided.

To secure the compensation you’re entitled to, your lawyer will perform an investigation and collect evidence to support your insurance requirements. They’ll negotiate with low-balling insurance companies, supported by the paperwork and evidence they’ve collected.

The Insurance Research Institute discovered that those with a lawyer are more likely to access the medical care they need. This is crucial to your quality of life, so filing a suit might be a turning point.

You should learn more about motorcycle accident attorneys who can help you negotiate with insurance providers. Never interact with insurance agents after an accident without having a lawyer present. The cons outweigh the pros significantly.

2. Ongoing Care

Chicago experiences over 5,000 fatal motorcycle accidents yearly, and motorcyclists bear the brunt of the damage. They suffer severe injuries in four out of five motorcycle accidents. Head-on collisions account for over half of all motorcycle-related deaths, and when the crash isn’t fatal, it often causes significant injuries that require long-term treatment.

Your lawyer will diligently account for your financial and physical losses, including the disabilities or treatments you’ll need to deal with in the future. It’s crucial for your quality of life that the full scope of the damages is compensated.

3. Blame-Shifting

Blame shifting is exceedingly common in motorcycle accident victims’ personal injury cases. At-fault drivers and insurers are equally guilty of this. Businesses and individuals are less likely to deny claims when the injured party has the help of an attorney. A lawyer can put more cash in your pocket, mainly if your case is particularly complex. They’ll resist blame-shifting by presenting medical data, evidence, and police reports.

4. State Laws

Every state has its unique approach to personal injury law, including for motorcycle accident victims, so your lawyer will grapple with the laws and codes relevant to your area. Illinois law allows victims of third-party negligence to receive compensation. It doesn’t limit the compensation awarded, and its statute of limitations period only begins after you discover your injury. That means you might still have options if you only discover the breadth of your injury years after the accident. Property damage claims can be made within five years of the accident.

Illinois is a “no-fault” state, which means compensation is possible if the driver is more than 50% responsible for an accident. Your lawyer will use the discovery process to prove fault so that you can receive enough compensation to cover your healthcare bills and other expenses.

5. Auto Manufacturers and Other Third Parties

Three examples of potential liability are automakers, governmental workers, and airbag manufacturers. If a vehicle involved in your crash had a design or manufacturing defect that contributed to your injury, you can seek compensation from the company responsible. Faulty technology causes thousands of motorcycle injuries every year. The most common causes are:

  • Faulty acceleration
  • Unexpected engine shutoffs
  • Brake defects
  • Steering defects
  • Defective tires
  • Poor wheelbase designs.

Automakers owe a duty of care. If they breach it and someone is injured, the plaintiff can pursue strict liability claims. If you’re motorcycle accident victim dealing with a low-balling insurer or an uninsured at-fault driver, a personal injury lawyer can improve your odds of achieving reasonable compensation. You shouldn’t be forced to cope with the consequences of someone else’s negligence, so speak to an attorney about your options.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.