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Ways to Make Back-to-School Easier

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Going back to school is an exciting and nerve-racking experience for both kids and parents, especially in a year that’s been full of upheaval and disruption. As kids start to return to the classroom for the new school year, we take a look at the best ways to make back-to-school easier.

how to make back-to-school easier

Get back into the normal routine

One of the biggest ways you can make back-to-school easier is by gradually getting your kids back into the normal school year routine. It’s unrealistic to switch overnight. Instead, make gradual changes.

Try to get the kids back on a school night bedtime routine by going to bed earlier and earlier, gradually over a couple of weeks. And start getting them up in the mornings when they’d need to be up for school. This way that first day wake up call isn’t going to be such a shock, and you’ll all be much better prepared for the change in routine.

Engage kids with educational toys at home

Another way to make back-to-school easier is to show your kids that learning can be fun! Going back to school doesn’t have to be focused on concentrating for hours on boring lessons.

Set aside some time in the weeks leading up to school and after they’re back in school to play with some educational toys. This gives kids some time to relax and enjoy themselves while also learning. And it also helps to reduce some of the dread of getting back to school.

Get everything ready ahead of time

The next tip on our make back-to-school easier list is to be prepared. Make a list of everything your kids need ahead of going back to school, and then figure out what you already have (and where you’ll find it), and what you need to buy.

Getting prepared not only makes things less stressful for you, but it also reassures kids that everything is in place and they don’t have to worry about missing anything. Plus if you take the kids with you to pick out their new supplies it will help get them excited about going back to school.

Establish a weekly schedule

Establishing a weekly schedule is another thing that can help make back-to-school easier. Take some time to set up a weekly schedule that plans out everything going on from school hours to work. Be sure to include who’s doing the school runs, and what after school activities are going on.

This will not only help keep everyone organized and on time, but also it’ll also give your kids an understanding of what they can expect and what they need to do.  

Give kids a bit of extra support

Being extra supportive of your children will go a long way in helping to make back-to-school easier. After all, going back to school is a big change after any holiday, but especially after the recent upheaval.

Give them a bit of extra support and encouragement — treat them to their favorite food or let them play their favorite game. Talk to them about how they are feeling and try to avoid adding any extra pressure or expectations.

And remember, it will take your kids some time to adjust to new surroundings and new routines. 

Plan the week’s outfits

As kids get old enough to make their own choices ahead of each week, get them to pick their outfits for each day and set them out or hang them up in a specific spot. You can even buy Monday to Friday clothing organizers.

Organizing your clothes will make your kids feel like they have some control over what they’re wearing, you’ll be able to check things are clean and suitable for each day, and it will save some time every morning. All of which will help make make back-to-school easier.

Set up a system for paperwork

Our final tip on helping you to make back-to-school easier is to focus on back-to-school organization. A new school year means an influx of important paperwork — guidelines, schedules, and permission slips. Don’t let these sit in unorganized piles around the house, or get lost before they even make it home.

Give your kids a folder or plastic wallet to put all the paperwork in that they’re given in school, and then set up a filing system at home. It could be as simple as a filing tray or box by the front door, it just needs to be one place you can keep everything together.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Back-to-School Easier

It’s important to take some time to prepare and adjust to the beginning of the school year, especially if they’re starting somewhere new and you’ve spent a lot of time choosing the right school for them. By following these tips you’ll be able to make the transition from lazy summer holidays to hectic term times go a lot smoother which will make back-to-school easier for everyone!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.