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What You Can Make with 3D Printing

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3D printing has taken over modern printing technologies. Though it’s been around for just under fifty years, 3D printers have made their way into medical technologies, experimental kitchens, and even our homes! If you’ve ever wondered what exactly 3D printers are capable of, you’re not alone! These revolutionary machines have a ton of different uses that can span from printed pizzas to printed home hardware pieces.

What You Can Make with 3D Printing

Have you ever dealt with a missing IKEA furniture piece? 3D printing could be a simple solution to this domestic debacle! We’re tapping into the wonders of 3D printing and showing you what’s being done with these printers professionally, and the endless possibilities of using your own 3D printer from home!

Printing Culinary Genius

Remember when futuristic books and television shows talked about printed pizzas and burgers like the signature kitchen gadgets of the future? Well, they weren’t wrong. 3D printed food could very well change the way home and professional kitchens work. But there are some misconceptions and kinks in the system that should be discussed first:

  1. You still need ingredients to print out food
  2. Printing food still means some cooking time, it’s not instantaneous
  3. There’s some more testing to be done with 3D printed food health and safety

3D Printing is Revolutionizing Medicine

3D printing has proved to be an incredible resource in the medical community. It helps cut costs on surgical materials, speed up technical surgeries, and even create amazing prosthetics. When 3D printers are used in medicine, they usually bioprinting. What’s bioprinting? Instead of using plastic printing materials like most 3D printers, bioprinting uses live materials including living cells to create artificial tissues.

Besides just being a fun, unique tool to bring creative concepts to life, 3D printers have been utilized for incredible medical purposes. Here are some notable applications of three-dimensional printing in medicine:

  • Medical equipment
  • Medications
  • Smart prosthetics
3D Printing

Crafting, Fixing, and Creating

Probably the most fun way to use a 3D printer is crafting and creating! Whether you are a creative professional or just a crafty hobbyist, you may want to look into finding the best 3D home printer to take your DIY skills to the next level. So what kind of crafts and home decor can you make with your new 3D printer and eye for home design?

Here are some 3D printing ideas to spark your creative mind:

  • Craft a keyholder rack perfectly customized to your home design
  • Create a set of display dishes if you’re feeling ambitious
  • Design a sculptured self-portrait

If you’re new to 3D printing, check out Tinkercad for tips and inspiration! They even have an entire gallery of 3D printed examples to reference. Perhaps you have a vision in mind but you’re not quite ready to take on a new craft hobby just yet— hire professional 3D print designers to help you bring your concept to fruition.

What You Should Know About 3D Printing From Home

Learning how to 3D print is just like picking up any other artistic skill— it takes time, practice, and education. In order to make 3D printing your new home hobby, you’ll need to make sure you have the right supplies! Once you have a 3D printing device, there are a couple more things to add to your craft supplies kit before you get started creating. Find a printing pattern from a site like Tinkercad to help you bring the design of your dreams into a full concept. Then, pick up some 3D printing materials and get ready to bring your design to life!

In Conclusion

The possibilities with 3D printing are endless if you just apply your creativity and imagination! Whether you need a tool to fix your bike or a new piece of home decor, you can truly make your printed dreams come true when you invest in one of these amazing printers. Print gifts for your family and friends, experiment with gourmet prints, and more— it’s truly a creative’s dream.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.