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Why Do We Feel the Need to Critique a Movie

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Why exactly do we obsess over movie reviews or create our own criticism? Why do we feel the need to critique a movie? The internet has shown that people have been critiquing a number of movies, both old and new, in videos and in blogs for quite some time. These videos and blogs get many thousands of views in some cases. But what is the fascination with it for viewers or readers on the net? And what exactly are we seeking out to make something a good movie? With the new releases of the Suicide Squad, Black Widow, and Space Jam, there has come an avalanche of various reviews. Do these reviews really give us a good idea of what the movies will be like?

movie theater and reasons why we feel the need to critique a movie

Why Do We Obsess Over Movie Reviews?

One reason we tend to critique a movie may be because we are seeking out perfection in a world full of movies. In most of life, we seek out perfection or things that are viewed as acceptable by other people. It may be related to wanting to fit in and like things that other people like as well so we don’t seem like we are out of touch.

During the COVID pandemic, we may also be focusing on more movie reviews to decide if we want to stream a movie or go to the movie theater or not. Articles like this one from Bullocks Buzz shows a list of various Halloween movies that can be streamed for kids during the pandemic.

What Are We Looking for Out of a Good Movie?

When we critique a movie we are basically looking for something that appeals to us as an individual and provides us with entertainment. Relying on movie reviews doesn’t really allow you to form your own opinion on a movie. It can help you get a general idea of what a movie is like and if it will be something you’d enjoy going to see.

How Reviews of The Suicide Squad, Black Widow, and Space Jam Influenced Audiences

Reviews of The Suicide Squad, Black Widow, and Space Jam: A New Legacy have changed around opinion on the newer movies. The Suicide Squad is a sequel of sorts to the first Suicide Squad, and the struggle the film company had with changing perception of this new movie was important for the film’s success. It was relying on a change of opinion toward DC movies after Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey received mostly poor reviews and therefore were not as well-liked by moviegoers. 

Reviews of The Suicide Squad movie have described the new cast and have done the best they could to alter the opinion of audiences to think favorably about the movies.

The reviews on Black Widow seemed to rely mostly on Marvel movies being well-liked by the majority of audiences, rather than disliked. The movie was slightly in need of being talked up as it is one of the very few female-led Marvel movies, alongside only Captain Marvel. It was also being released during the COVID pandemic, so there was some trepidation on how successful it would prove to be.

he perception most critics were putting out there was that this was a must-see Marvel movie of Black Widow. And that the film was something audiences wanted and had been waiting for for some time. This may have let more audiences go see the movie, but ultimately it underperformed at the box office due to the COVID pandemic.

Space Jam: The New Legacy movie also was being released during the pandemic, but it had the positive side of being a nostalgic movie for audiences since the older Space Jam movie was well-liked by most audiences. The film is also a family picture which tends to fare better than some movies during the summer months because so many kids are home for the summer holiday. The movie’s reviews may have influenced audiences and their opinions on the acting from Lebron James.

Why Should We Refrain From Listening to Movie Reviews?

We really ought to avoid listening too closely to movie reviews and just go see it ourselves. Sometimes a movie is worth seeing or is something we’d enjoy despite what critics and other people think about the movie. The best way to know if you’d like a movie or not is to read a brief synopsis and then decide if it sounds interesting enough to go see. We can then decide for ourselves if it was good or not. We don’t have to critique a movie every single time we want to enjoy a show.

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