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Yaheetech Raised Planter Box Review: Grow Healthy Plants Easily!

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My latest garden upgrade is as functional as it is stylish. Perfect for hobbyists and serious gardeners alike, the Yaheetech Raised Planter Box makes gardening a breeze!

A Yaheetech Raised Planter Box full of healthy, growing vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Gardening has always been one of my favorite hobbies. Since moving into our new house almost two years ago, I’ve enjoyed planting an array of herbs, vegetables, flowers, and other plants. However, last year, my inground vegetable garden didn’t go so well, thanks to voles, moles, and other uninvited intruders.

Moreover, living in Alabama means dealing mainly with clay soil and hardpacked dirt. It takes a lot of time and hard work to till the yard, amend the soil, and then plant. So this Spring I decided to try my hand at raised gardening.

While my ultimate goal is to section off part of our property and turn it into a garden large enough to provide herbs and veggies year-round, I felt it was wisest to start small since I’d never used raised beds for vegetable gardening.

A side view of the planter box filled with growing plants

So while looking online, I came across a pretty set of raised beds by Yaheetech. Since I have worked with them before on my writing computer desk (still loving it), I reached out about reviewing their raised planter boxes. And I am glad I did!

Who Is Yaheetech?

Yaheetech is a popular provider of quality products designed to enhance your lifestyle by adding comfort and convenience to your home. Whether you’re looking for pet supplies, beauty items, exercise products, gardening tools, or durable furniture, Yaheetech offers many high-quality, affordable, and stylish solutions.

An overhead view of healthy plants growing in the raised planter box by Yaheetech

Yahteetech Raised Planter Box

As an avid gardener, I am constantly searching for tools and resources that will not only make gardening more efficient and enjoyable but will also look good while doing so. And these Yaheetech Wooden Raised Planter Boxes fit the bill perfectly.

Constructed from durable fir wood, these elevated planter boxes are designed to last with minimal maintenance. Fir wood is a great choice for gardening as the wood is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. And it looks nice, too!

On the outside, each garden box measures 46 inches in length, 23.5 inches in width, and 16 inches high. Inside, they measure approximately 43 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 11 inches deep, providing 6 square feet of garden space – plenty of room for a large variety of plants whether you are planting flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

Each box also has a maximum weight capacity of 176 lb which is plenty. It took 4 large bags of raised bed garden soil mixed with 2 bags of Black Cow manure to fill each box.

Ease of Assembly

The Yaheetech raised garden beds do arrive unassembled, but putting them together was a breeze. It didn’t require any special tools or expertise. and the process was pretty straightforward. Each one comes with all the necessary screws and fittings, as well as an instruction manual. All you need is a Phillips Head screwdriver or drill and a bit of time.

unassembled Yaheetech Planter Box pieces on a rug

Like most DIY-furniture-assembly-manuals these days, the instructions use more images than words to explain the process, but it was still pretty easy to follow. Each piece had a sticker with a letter, and you simply match the pieces with the images in the manual. It was kind of like putting a puzzle together.

Planter box being assembled

Using a drill with a Phillips Head bit, I was able to assemble one of them on my own in about 30 minutes. But I blame some of that time on my cats. IYKYK! Once my husband got home, I had him do the second one so I could take some in-process images to share.

Fully assembled planter beds ready for soil and plants

My Experience with Yaheetech Raised Planters

Y’all, I love these raised planter boxes from Yaheetech! From ease of assembly to the design to how well they work, I am very happy with them. My entire experience so far has been nothing but positive.

The Design

First of all, I love how they look. The natural wood finish not only looks great, but it also blends seamlessly with any outdoor décor. While not required, I used Tung oil to provide extra protection against the elements. I love how it lent a bit more color to the wood without ruining that natural look.

I also like that they are not overly ornamental, but instead have subtle decorative features like the slats on the sides and the decorative pieces on the corners.

Side view of planter box filled with dirt ready for plants

Plus, the raised bed looks great and promotes better plant health and yield while helping to keep many pests at bay. Not to mention, it is a lot easier on my back than bending down to the ground! And weeding is a breeze.

Another thing I like about the design is that the sides are solid boards instead of individual pieces or slats. This helps the soil retain moisture while preventing leaking – a big bonus during hot Alabama days. Plus, there is plenty of drainage at the bottom so no worrying about water-logged plants.

Yaheetech Raised Garden Bed fully assembled

The bottom consists of 3 separate panels, so you get some drainage between each panel where they meet. In addition, the two outside panels have corners cut at an angle allowing for additional drainage at each of the planters’ four corners. Although I do not think you would lose tons of soil with this design, I did line the bottom of the planters with some landscape fabric.

The Size

Another thing I like about the Yaheetech Raised Planter Box is its size and ability to accommodate a diverse range of plants. The depth and width are perfect for planting everything from fragrant herbs to robust vegetable plants like tomatoes and peppers. I cannot wait to try garlic and a few root veggies!

I love these raised garden planters so much that I ordered another one yesterday, and I am planning on using more them for my future garden plot. It is SO much easier than tilling, amending, and planting an in-ground plot.

Yaheetech Raised Garden Bed right after planting herbs and vegetables in them

Where Can I Buy Yaheetech Raised Planter Box?

You can find this Yaheetech Wooden Raised Planter Box on Amazon as well as through many other major retailers including eBay, Walmart, Wayfair, Wish, Cdiscount, OTTO, ManoMano, Real, Rakuten, and others.

They are very affordably priced, especially considering their quality and the value they add to your garden. Plus you have the option to purchase a single bed or a set of two based on your space and needs. This makes it easy to start small and scale up as your garden grows or as your budget allows.

Yaheetech Raised Garden Beds fully planted with vegetables and herbs about four weeks after planting.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to take your garden to a whole new level, the Yaheetech Raised Planter Box is a fantastic investment. They combine style with functionality and are easy on the wallet. Whether you are a hobbyist looking to grow your own herbs or a more dedicated gardener planning to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, or flowers, these beds provide the perfect foundation for a flourishing garden.

Happy planting!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.