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10 Great Toys That Help Develop Your Child’s Imagination

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Playing is not just for fun. Play develops a child’s motor skills, social skills, and creative talents. It is important that children play with toys that challenge them and stimulate their imagination. Otherwise, they are in danger of becoming slaves to the “I’m bored’ motto and cannot amuse themselves without the aid of another person.

If you are looking for some toys that will keep your child occupied for hours on end, here are 10 of the best toys that help develop your child’s imagination.

Lego is one of many great toys that help develop your child's imagination


Lego has long been a favorite of children (and adults) the world over. It is one of the best toys that help develop your child’s imagination and hone their manual dexterity.

Leave your child alone with a pile of Legos and see what they can design and construct. Soon they will become hooked and want to add to their brick collection.


Lots of children love to play with dollhouses and the play accessories such as furniture, families, pets, cars, and food to go in them. Often children will mimic scenes from their own family life, which is how they learn about how a household runs.

Wooden Blocks

Much like Lego, wooden bricks are great for younger children to play with as they will love to build towers and soon discover that it is even more fun to knock them down and watch them crash to the floor.


Balloons are another of the great toys that help develop your child’s imagination. A cheap and straightforward toy, balloons have always been a favorite. Kids can spend hours kicking or hitting a balloon and inventing games where the balloon mustn’t fall to the floor, or they can rub the balloon on their head, stick it to the wall and learn about static electricity.

Cardboard Box

Okay, so it’s not technically a toy, but a cardboard box is one thing that will challenge your offsprings’ imagination for hours. Often, the box becomes of more interest on birthdays and Xmas than the present it was holding.

Kids will pretend the box is a pirate ship, an airplane, a boat, or a house. Give them some felt tip pens, scissors, and a paper plate, and they will draw windows, cut doors and make a steering wheel for the box. The trouble is, they may enjoy playing with boxes so much that they commandeer each one that enters the house.

Play Kitchen

Every kid should have some form of play kitchen, whether it be a fancy wooden one or a homemade one constructed from cardboard or plastic boxes.

Kids love pretending to bake cakes and cook meals for you and their teddy bears. They learn how to organize routine tasks and how to interact socially. Buy some toy food, a shopping cart, and a cash register, and your wee one will begin to learn basic numeracy.

Dressing Up Clothes

Dress up clothes is next on the list of great toys that help develop your child’s imagination. If you have old clothes that no longer fit you, don’t throw them out; keep them for your kids to dress up in.

Let their imaginations run wild as they dress up in a beautiful dress, high heels, a three-piece suit, and clip-on earrings. They can pretend that they are a beautiful princess going to a ball or their favorite pop star singing at a concert.

If your child has an affinity for superheroes, buy them a Spider-Man costume and watch them as they run around the house shooting make-believe webs from their wrist and attempting to climb up walls.

Clay, Slime, Playdoh, and Plasticine

Clay, slime, Playdoh and plasticine are among the toys that help develop your child’s imagination.Kids of all ages can enjoy modeling mediums. Young children enjoy the feeling as they squish dough in their hands, while older ones will love to pretend they are making cakes and biscuits with it in their toy kitchens.

Older children with creative skills will enjoy carving figures out of clay. You could even buy them a pottery wheel if they are passionate about the craft.

Play Medical Kit

We all loved playing doctors and nurses when we were young, and children these days aren’t any different. Buy them a toy medical kit and uniform, and they will imagine that they are the world’s most incredible doctor or surgeon. You will soon find that you and your child’s soft toys are bandaged up with toilet paper like Egyptian mummies.

Dolls and Action Figures

Most children have a special toy that they will carry with them everywhere they go, and often this is a doll or an action figure. These are ideal toys that help develop your child’s imagination.

When kids play with figurines, they can imagine that the toys are heroes fighting the giant scary dragon (the dog) or holding a fun pool party in the bath.

Final Thoughts on Toys that Help Develop Your Child’s Imagination

It is too easy these days to let your child sit and watch YouTube on their tablet for hours on end, but this can be harmful to their development. Show them how to use their imagination and open their mind to a world of adventure by encouraging them to play with one of more of these toys that help develop your child’s imagination.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.