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10 Reasons You Need a Salt-Free Water Softener at Home

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When it comes to water softeners, we’ve all been told time and time again that saltwater softeners are the best options to go for. Usually, this is because people aren’t aware of the alternatives that are on the market, including a salt-free water softener.

why a salt-free water softener may be best for your home

Yes, you can purchase water softeners that don’t use salt. If you haven’t heard of these before, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ll explain more below. Here are 10 reasons why you need a salt free water softener at home.

What is a Salt-Free Water Softener?

First, let’s talk about what a salt-free water softener is. In short, a salt-free water softener is a water softener that doesn’t use salt to softener the water. Most traditional softeners use a process called ion exchange, salt-free water softeners, however, use another water softening process to crystalize the hard water minerals, rather than removing them entirely from the water supply.

No More Build Up On Shower Doors

One of the things about living in a hard water area is that you get limescale build-up on shower doors. It can be a nightmare to clean and it is seemingly unending. With a salt-free water softener, you eliminate this problem entirely.

The same can’t be said for salt-based systems, as the salt can reside on the shower doors. You will thank your salt-free system as it will leave your glass shower door looking brighter than ever and you also won’t have to clean it anywhere near as often.

Extends The Life Of Your Clothes

Saltwater softeners may make your clothes look brighter, but the addition of salt can actually reduce the life span of your clothing. When you switch out to a water softener, you are getting conditioned water. The salt in water softeners can actually damage clothing.

The build-up of crystals in the fabric vastly reduces the life span of your favorite t-shirts and other clothes, but a salt-free water softener will make your clothes last longer as there is no crystal build-up.


Traditional water softeners require upkeep and maintenance. We’re not saying that salt-free water softeners don’t require upkeep, but you have the added advantage that you don’t need to continually remember to fill the unit with salt. And while salt doesn’t cost a lot, you do need to regularly maintain salt systems as they have a lot of moving parts and salt, by its very nature builds up and can cause damage.

With salt-free water softener systems, you don’t have to deal with the same level of maintenance, and you also won’t need to purchase salt on a regular basis. All you need to do is change the sediment filter once a year!

Water Heaters Can Last Longer

If you opt for a whole house salt-free water softener system, you’ll find that your appliances will last longer. Salt systems don’t remove the main issue of lime build up. Instead, they remove the magnesium out of the water, which isn’t what causes lime.

If you have a water heater and you either don’t use a water softener or you have a salt-based softener, anywhere where the water stands can cause build-up. This is particularly true in water heaters. The residual water at the bottom can calcify and then damage the water heater’s integrity.

Kitchen Appliances

We’ve all seen the build-up we get in our kettles, those white particles floating around that ruin our cup of tea. We can also get this build up in our washing machines and dishwashers, and that build-up can actually damage them.

As we mentioned above, when you have a salt-based water softening system, it doesn’t actually remove the lime. This means you still get lime build-up which can damage the unit.

However, by switching out to a salt-free water softener system; you extend the life of your appliances and get conditioned water.

You Will Use Less Detergent And Soap

When you condition your water, a little bit of soap will go a lot further. You’ll find that you need to reduce the amount of and types of detergent that you use. For example, you’ll notice that when you shampoo your hair, you get much more lather, much faster than before. You’ll also notice that if you use too much shampoo, it’ll be an absolute nightmare to rinse out!


When you use a salt water-based system, the salt actually removes important minerals such as calcium and magnesium. We need these minerals to survive. They’re incredibly important to our overall health and having deficiencies in these can lead to health problems.

If you use a salt-free water softener, these systems keep these important minerals in. So you won’t have any deficiency, at least not from your water supply.

Environmental Impact

When it comes to adding more salt to water, the impact on the environment isn’t a positive one. The additional salinity can cause issues further down the water course and can create problems in ecosystems as the water reaches them.

If you are concerned about your environmental impact, then a salt-free water softener system is the one to go for. These simply collect the sediment in your hard water and don’t put it back into the environment.

Easy Installation

One of the best things about a salt-free water softener system is how easy it is to install. Because there is no additional tank for the salt, installation is much faster. Plus, it also takes up a lot less space. Therefore you won’t need to clear out as many cabinets and find other places to store your items.

In addition, you’ll find that when you get quoted for installation, you’ll be surprised at how little it costs in comparison to a saltwater system.

Final Thoughts on Salt-Free Water Softener Systems

Not many people have heard of salt-free water softener systems, although they are just as effective as saltwater softeners and have a lot of benefits. If you aren’t sure where to start, think about whether or not you want to lessen your environmental impact. From there you can also consider whether or not you have the time to maintain a salt-based system.

If you don’t then a salt-free system is the one for you. The maintenance is far less and you don’t have to be refilling it with salt every few weeks. Those softeners are a great addition to any home, so why not give one a try.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.