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3 Natural Remedies To Reduce Menopause Symptoms

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There’s nothing fun about going through menopause, except maybe that you no longer have to deal with your period or worry about estrogen dominance, which afflicts millions of people. Menopause brings annoying symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, and fatigue that can make it uncomfortable just to go about your day. The good news is that, while there’s no vaccine that can prevent menopause symptoms, there are a few ways you can reduce menopause symptoms without having to turn to supplements and estrogen replacements for relief.

lady walking the dog to reduce menopause symptoms

Here are some natural remedies you can use to fight back and help reduce menopause symptoms.

Make massages a regular thing

Headaches are a common symptom of perimenopause because of the erratic fluctuations and decline of estrogen levels. Other symptoms because of estrogen fluctuations include muscle aches, joint paint, and muscle stiffness.

There are over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs you can take to reduce these symptoms; the U.S. holds 45% of the global pharmaceutical market. But taking these medications over a long period of time may be harmful to your health.

To reduce your headaches and muscle pains naturally, consider making massages a regular part of your schedule. Up to 92% of massage patients say that massage is effective in reducing pain. This is because massage therapy can improve blood flow, which in turn, reduces inflammation.

Eat foods that are high in vitamin D and calcium

Your menopause symptoms are caused by hormonal changes. But these hormonal changes can also cause other problems. For instance, your bones can weaken during menopause, which increases your risk of osteoporosis.

Vitamin D and calcium are both related to good bone health. People who have adequate vitamin D intake also experience fewer hip fractures. That said, to help reduce menopause symptoms, be sure to eat calcium-rich foods like yogurt, milk, cheese, lake, collard greens, and spinach. Even the ice cream you have in your freezer can serve as a sweet treat complete with some vitamin D.

To get adequate vitamin D, make sure that you’re going outside for at least 15 minutes. If you can’t get enough sun, consider taking a vitamin D supplement.

Don’t skip meals

Menopause can sometimes cause weight gain, which may lead many people to reduce their calorie intake or dieting. But your body needs those calories during this time of hormone fluctuation. In fact, irregular eating can actually make your menopause symptoms worse.

Consider getting more active if weight gain becomes a problem for you. Don’t try to restrict your calorie intake. Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods. Not only will this help you maintain a healthy weight, but it can also help reduce menopause symptoms, too.

Menopause symptoms can be difficult to deal with, especially when they make participating in everyday activities a challenge. By following the tips above, you can help to reduce menopause symptoms and make them a little more manageable.

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Menopause Symptoms

Friday 27th of December 2019

Incredibly interesting article! I am now at an age when symptoms of menopause may begin to appear. Moreover, it seems to me that they have already begun to appear. I am sometimes disturbed by insomnia, sweating, and anxiety. Menstruation is also irregular. I read a lot about symptoms. Btw, Wikipedia has a good article that describes possible symptoms: But before reading your article, I never knew before that irregular eating can lead to an increase in the menopause symptoms. In view of the fact that I have a very unstable work schedule, meals, respectively, are also irregular. And I begin to observe a certain connection between the symptoms that arise in me and my meals, which I had not even thought about before. Thanks for the incredibly interesting and informative article! I learned a lot of interesting and useful information.

Alaina Bullock

Monday 30th of December 2019

Thanks for the link to the Wiki article! Before I did some research for this article, I hadn't known that irregular eating could lead to an increase in the symptoms either. In fact, it's amazing just how much I did not know about menopause to start with. That's why it is so important that we talk about it openly and that it shouldn't be treated as a taboo topic. I'm so happy that you found my article helpful!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.