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4 Fun and Inexpensive Ways to Remodel Your Teen’s Bedroom

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It may be hard to believe your former Dora the Explorer-loving little girl or Clifford the Big Red Dog-adoring toddler son is now a bonafide teen. While their rooms are no longer filled with blocks and pop-up books, it’s been some time since you’ve changed the look of their rooms — and now it’s definitely time to remodel your teen’s bedroom.

Fortunately, you and your teen can easily design a more current space that he or she will want to hang out in either alone or with friends. And here’s some good news: You don’t have to take out a second mortgage to cover the redecorating costs.

remodeled teens bedroom

The following ideas on how to remodel your teen’s bedroom will be sure to please both your teen and your budget:

1. Make Their Hobbies a Focal Point

If your teen is passionate about a particular hobby, make it the focal point of his or her room. For instance, perhaps your teen loves swimming and experiencing the ocean up close and personal. Knowing this, make it a point to paint his or her bedroom walls blue, buy new bedding that looks like it’s covered with ocean water, and hang posters of their favorite and inspirational swimmers on the walls.

2. Add as Much Seating as Possible

Another idea to consider when you remodel your teen’s bedroom is to give them as much seating as possible. To prevent your kiddo and his or her friends from taking over the entire living room, set up a generous seating area as part of the bedroom remodel. If your teen likes the idea of a bunk bed, you can add chairs underneath for a cool hangout space, or you can add all types of small-but-functional seating options around the room.

For instance, check out the selection of poufs online. They come in a great selection of colors and patterns and make for fun and functional seating.

3. Get the Most Out of a Small Space When You Remodel Your Teen’s Bedroom

If your teen’s room is on the cozy side, you can get creative with storage and furniture when you start to remodel your teen’s bedroom. For homework time, instead of a behemoth-sized desk, opt for one that’s smaller and then use the wall space above it for shelving to hold textbooks and boxes of school supplies. Additionally, your teen’s bed can be placed against a wall like a daybed, rather than sticking straight out into the room. Lastly, you might also want to look into buying small storage boxes on wheels that can roll under the bed when they’re not in use.

4. Let Your Teen Choose the Paint

Some teens love bright and vibrant colors with some patterns thrown in, while others want a more muted and monotone look. Either way, buying a few gallons of paint is a budget-friendly way to remodel your teen’s bedroom and transform it into a personalized space. If possible, consider repainting the walls prior to selecting new bedding, so that the colors won’t clash. Perhaps your kiddo is a doodler. If that’s the case, suggest making one of the walls a chalkboard.

In that vein, many stores sell chalkboard paint, including some that are tintable in a number of colors. This way, your teen can choose a classic black chalkboard wall or another shade that’s more to his or her liking. Spring for some sidewalk chalk and an eraser and let your creative child transform the wall into a revolving art installment or simply a handy place to jot down reminders about school projects.

Have Fun Working on This Project Together

While your teen should ideally take the reins in choosing how to remodel his or her room — granted, in a budget-friendly way that you approve of — you can enjoy some quality time with your kiddo while shopping, painting and transforming the room into a much more mature and useful space that your teen will love for years to come.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.