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4 Tips For The Ultimate RV Road Trip

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Spring is finally here again, so it’s time for all your spring and summer travel planning. Not all vacations require a plane ticket; road trips can be a great opportunity for families to spend time together, especially if you own an RV. RVIA estimates there are as many as 30 million RV enthusiasts, including RV renters in the United States. If you’re looking to break out your RV for the warmer seasons of the year and spend some time with your family, use these 4 tips on planning the ultimate RV road trip.

4 tips for the ultimate rv road trip

Pick the Right Vehicle

Of course, enjoying the ultimate RV road trip wouldn’t be possible without the right vehicle. Choosing the right vehicle significantly enhances the RV road trip experience. Some, for instance, offer the perfect balance between comfort and mobility, making them an ideal choice for extended road trips. They are compact enough to navigate through winding roads and city streets, yet spacious enough to accommodate essential amenities like bathrooms, kitchens, and comfortable sleeping areas.

The right motorhome can also impact your fuel efficiency and maintenance costs, factors that could significantly affect your travel budget. You can look over your options if you click for class B RVs and see everything that’s being offered to you. It’s important to consider your specific travel needs, including the number of travelers, the length of the trip, and your destination’s terrain, when selecting the ideal RV for your road trip.

Keep your RV clean

Nobody likes being cooped up in a messy room for long, so why would an RV be any different? Keeping your RV neat and organized will help you get through the road trip with as little frustration as possible. Depending on how much you bring with you and where you plan on going, you might need to organize the RV a few times during your trip.

Keeping your RV clean isn’t just important for the people on the road trip, it’s better for your vehicle too. Before you hit the road, check to make sure your RV is clean and well-maintained. Approximately 13% of the world’s steel is used in the automotive industry, and some were likely used in your RV, so look for any signs of rust or damage. This will help make sure your RV doesn’t break down on the road.

Pick your destination

The most important part of planning for your RV road trip is, without a doubt, picking the destination. The right road trip destination is going to be different for every family, but when you’re going through your options, remember how the season might affect the amount of people there. Even less commonly visited travel destinations see heavier traffic during the summer seasons.

For example, according to the Alaska Travel Industry Association, an estimated 1,857,500 out-of-state visitors came to Alaska between May and September 2016 – the highest visitor volume on record. When picking out your preferred destination, focus on the activities of course, but also remember to take into consideration the number of other people that will be there, the weather, how much time you plan on taking to get there, and how long you plan on staying there.

And don’t forget to account for traffic. You’re likely going to face much more traffic during the warmer months once you hit the road, so make sure to account for this when planning your travel time.

If you’re worried about your kids getting antsy while you’re stuck in traffic, see if you can plan your road trip around major traffic jams and construction. Avoid busier highways during rush hour, and stick to routes you’re confident won’t leave you stranded in a sea of other cars.

Also, plan to stop a few times along the way; you’ll need to at least stop for restroom breaks, snacks, and meals, so why not include a few sightseeing stops as well?

Plan for packing

Finally, when you’re getting ready for your family road trip, make sure you pack everything you’ll need. Make a list of road trip essentials before it gets too close to your travel date; this will give you extra time to stock up on anything you might forget during your first time through the list. Try to pack in an organized fashion so that when you need something while you’re on the road, you know exactly where it is and won’t need to dig around to find it. And don’t forget to include some road trip activities for kids!

Planning a RV road trip with your family can be exciting, but stressful. These tips can help your trip go smoothly so you can enjoy hitting the road in the RV with your family.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.