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5 Free Options to Help You Make Rent

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When you’re struggling to make rent while raising a family, it’s hard to take too much time out of your day to earn more. Thankfully, there are many free ways to make your rent money on time, if you know where to look. If you’re looking for an option that will work for you, here are five free options to help you make rent in 2022, no matter what your living and financial situation might be:

screen any potential roommates

Searching for Free Meals

Understanding how to cut down on common daily costs is one of the best ways to help you make rent each month – and you can do this without paying a single cent of your own hard-earned money. If you’re struggling financially, there are many food assistance programs, food banks, and other organizations that can help you fill your stomach for $0.

Many churches and other community programs set up free meal days for the community to help out as well. If you put in the effort to find free meals, you can quickly begin saving up that extra money you need to pay your rent in full, and on time. If you have a family, there are even more organizations out there that will be willing to help you put food on the table every day.

Contacting a Rental Assistance Program

Another way to help you make rent is to contact rental assistance programs in your area. There are more rental assistance programs out there than ever before. For families that are struggling to keep the roof over their heads, there are lots of organizations (both governmental and private) that are set up to help you out in this difficult time.

Many rental assistance programs in Houston will get you the money you need for rent as quickly as humanly possible, so be sure to look into them if you’re struggling financially. Doing so will help take pressure off of you and allow you to retake your life in a way that will keep you prepared to make rent on time next month.

For those that need it, there are also long-term rental assistance programs that are incredibly useful.

Finding a Roommate

While finding a roommate is often easier said than done, it can be a great way to add tons of extra income to your bank account each month and an easy way to help you make rent. As long as your lease allows it, finding someone to sublet a room can sometimes make you upwards of half your overall rent money. For those who do not have a family living in their home, and who enjoy being social, many non-financial benefits can come with finding a roommate to sublet a room as well. Just make sure you go through the effort to screen any potential roommates before taking them in, however.

Taking on a Remote Job

As fewer people are traveling outside of their homes to find work, the amount of remote jobs that are out there has become insanely large. Despite what your skill set might be, there is almost certainly a remote job listing that you qualify for.

If you have enough free time to take on some extra work, getting a remote job to help supplement your income can make it much more likely that you’ll make rent with ease every month.

For those that are busy parents, there are even remote jobs that are simple enough, and low-intensity enough, that you can do them even when you’re taking care of small children.

Finding the right remote job for your needs, and one that can pay out on a weekly (or even daily) basis, is key when going this route to make your rent money.

Trade Services for Rent

Another option to help you make rent requires that you put the work in. Consider asking your landlord if you can trade services around your home or apartment in exchange for money off your rent bill. However, because this depends completely on having a landlord that understands your situation, this may not be the best choice to rely on. However, when it works out, this option can prove incredibly useful for families that are struggling to pay rent on time.

There Are Options Available

Even if you’re worried about whether you qualify for these options, it’s worth looking into them. The chances are that one of these five options will help you make rent on time, and give you a solid cushion for avoiding issues with your rent payments in the future. Finances are difficult for every working family right now, so being willing to ask for help is critical to keeping your family housed and fed.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.