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6 DIY Tips for a Movie-Themed Party

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Themed parties can be a lot of fun for the entire family. Everyone can get excited about stepping into another world and feeling like a celebrity for a night. Many parents find movie-themed parties the perfect idea for their kid’s birthday party or just a special night that everyone can enjoy. However, parents who have begun to plan a movie-themed party can find out quickly that getting everything they need for a celebrity experience can be quite expensive.

6 DIY Tips for a Movie Themed Party

There are better ways that can allow parents to give their kids the red-carpet treatment without having to spend a celebrity salary to do it. Parents can do a lot of DIY projects to make their movie-themed party authentic and fabulous for the kids. Any parent can use these ideas not only to save money, but also to create a one of a kind party that their kids will love. Here are six DIY tips for a movie-themed party.

Start with a great movie

Choosing the right movie is half the battle when it comes to planning a great movie –themed party. Parents want to find something that is not only appropriate for everyone at the party, but also something that everyone will enjoy. 

Make a ticket booth and red carpet

The guests should feel like celebrities the moment they walk through the door. Parents can set up their own ticket booth and red carpet to give the kids the perfect theater experience at home. There are a lot of easy ways to construct them out of cardboard and paper printouts.

Dress everyone like stars…

The next step to feeling like a celebrity is getting the right attire. Parents can pull out all their fancy clothes and let the kids dress up like they are going to a fancy movie premier. This is a fun way to get excited for any movie.

… or give them costumes based on the movie

For certain movies, it can be even more fun for kids to dress up like their favorite characters. Taking on a new persona for the night is a great way to spark any kid’s imagination.

Create some fun, easy snacks

There are a lot of great options for classic and new movie snacks. Parents should choose snack that are easy for kids to eat while they watch the movie without making a big mess. Homemade flavored popcorn and vintage sodas are just a few fun ideas.

Don’t Forget The Tickets!

Print up some colorful printable movie tickets to go along with the movie ticket office!

Try it outside

If the weather is nice, parents can take their movie theater outside for a fun night under the stars. Parents can easily set up a sheet and a projector to make their backyard a one-of-a-kind movie theater for everyone in the family. Parents can even construct fake cars to mimic a drive through movie theater. These are all fun ideas that can make any movie themed party a big success.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.