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6 Simple Ways to Save on Gas this Summer

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Now that summer is almost here, people everywhere are planning their vacations. Thousands of families will take to the road to reach their vacation destinations. Of course, summer is also one of the times we see gas prices rise. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on fun instead on gas? If so, use these simple tips below to help ensure you save on gas this summer.

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1. Plan Before You Leave

Taking the time to plan out your route before you even get in the car can help you save on gas the next time you take a road trip. Look for the shortest, or most fuel-efficient route to your destination. It;s also a good idea to go ahead and plan out your stops as well. After all, the more you stop the more gas you use.

2. Use Money-Saving Apps

There are hundreds of smartphone apps to help you save money on gas.  These apps will help you find the locations of the gas stations with the best prices along your route. They can also help you avoid driving out of your way drive out of your way in order to find the best fuel prices around.

3. Watch How You Drive

How you drive directly impacts the fuel-efficiency of your car. Driving fast? Then you will wind up using more gas. Driving just below the speed limit means you will use gas more efficiently, and that means having to fill up a lot less often. Use cruise control if you have it. Additionally, avoiding rapid acceleration and hard braking whenever possible will also help your gas mileage.

4. Turn Off the Engine

If you’re waiting outside for your family to use the restroom, or you’re waiting at a railroad crossing for the train to cross, turn off the engine. Letting the engine idle is a huge waste of gas, and it contributes to the large amount of pollutants in the atmosphere.

5. Keep the Windows Up

Driving down the road with your windows open may help keep you cool, but it also creates drag. And drag costs you fuel in the long run. And speaking of drag, remove any unneeded car racks and carriers.

6. Regular Maintenance

Of course, the absolute best way to ensure your vehicle is getting the best fuel mileage is regular maintenance. Everything from your car’s engine to the tires can impact your gas mileage. Texan Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM agrees that regular oil and filter changes, keeping your spark plugs clean and new, and making sure your tires have good tread and the correct air pressure can all help your vehicle get its best fuel efficiency.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.