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Attention 20-Somethings: Health Issues -Help Your Future-Self Out A Bit Will You

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When you’re in your 20s you almost literally laugh in the face of danger, if by danger we are talking about health issues. We know this because we all do it. We take health issues as a general topic, wrap it up in a bow and send it to our future-self, as something they should worry about and not us.

But while you are more susceptible to health concerns from middle-age onwards, the more you to now to preserve your good health and protect yourself from any harm the better. This is just important to your future-self either because there are certain concerns that can – and will – strike in your 20s.

Some Epidermistakes

One of the most worrying, and most serious, health concerns youngsters need to know about is the rise in actinic keratosis, which is a sort of early sign that you are exposing yourself to a harmful amount of UV rays. We’re talking soaking up the sun without lotion, and tanning salons. We’re talking about a rise in skin cancer, and that is something you need to concern yourself with. So please pay attention to any moles and spots you have, and do something about it if they start changing, and by something we mean you should go see a doctor.

Back It Up A Bit

Lower back pains were once a thing reserved for the elderly, but with the rise in office-related jobs and technology, back pain has been on the rise. The really annoying thing about this is, back pain tends to start affecting other areas of your life. For example, did you know that 66% of people who suffer from chronic back pain also suffer from sleep disorders? Yeah, there is a direct correlation to being made there. Unfortunately, there is no set cure to it because, well, each and every one of us is different. Stretching, releasing endorphins, drinking water, getting a better night’s sleep, concentrating on improving your posture; all of these things have been proven to help, so help yourself, and start right now.


This is one of the most under-diagnosed health issues among young people, which is partly to do with the fact it is more than possible to make it through the education without realising you have it. However, this will become less easy the older you get, and certainly a tall ask when it comes to your professional life and personal life for that matter. In fact, those with ADHD find it harder to hold down jobs and relationships. Don’t worry, this is totally manageable, it is just a matter of seeing a professional sooner rather than later because, well, the later you leave it the more it will affect you.

Darn You Diet

In a lot of cases, diabetes began in people’s twenties, when their diet was immensely poor. Fast food, take out, greasy breakfasts; all of this sort of stuff is a surefire way to put weight gain on the menu, and weight gain tends to lead to diabetes. That’s why it is so important that you get into eating healthily earlier on, which is nowhere near as bad as you might think it is because there are thousands and thousands of delicious and nutritious meals out there. Mmmmmmm.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.