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Two of the Best Places to Live to Beat the Heat

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Some go nicely brown in the sun, some go a nasty red. Some relish the opportunity to strip down and feel the rays of the sun, some like to keep their clothes on. Some like to play out in the sun, some prefer to stay indoors. Some.. okay, you get the point. Some people like being in the sun, and some people do not. If you do, then you probably know of a plethora of places that you can move to so you can experience it all year round. If you don’t, then you might know quite as many places you can retreat to in order to get away from the rays, apart from places that are constantly covered in snow.

Best Places to Live to Beat the HeatImage via flickr

You have probably heard of winter getaways, like skiing breaks in the alps or holidays in the rocky mountains of Canada. But wanting to avoid the sun doesn’t mean you have to go straight to snow. If you have a disdain for the white stuff just as much as you do for the big bright ball in the sky, fear not, because there are places where both are avoidable. There are places in the world where just the right temperature is achievable. You can escape the blistering heat of the sun by heading over to, and up to, Banner Elk in North Carolina. You can elevate your life up to 5000 ft. by relocating yourself to any one of the plethora of real estate found there, where you will never feel temperatures exceeding 75 degrees. But for those of you who don’t want to feel the climate take an almighty drop, then you may want to leave this particularly elevated area and move off somewhere else, because when winter rolls around, the mountains turn into ski slopes.

If you want somewhere that you can live all year round, safe in the fact that you’ll never have to deal with any extreme weather conditions, whether they be hot or cold, then look no further than going all the way south, right down to Mexico. Now, you’re probably thinking ‘but Mexico is super-hot, right?’ Wrong. In mountainous Mexico, where this also a plethora of estates available, the climate is temperate and rarely exceeds 80 degrees. Or you could even jump over the Atlantic and head towards Europe, specifically Spain or France. In the most northwest corner of Spain which is known as ‘Green Spain’, for instance, enjoys summers that are cool and winters that are mild. For more areas that are notoriously kind to those who prefer a controlled climate, make sure to click here.

If, however, relocating isn’t practical, or affordable for you, there are always ways to combat the temperature you live in. If you find yourself battling a hot climate most of the time, you can beat the heat by investing in air conditioning units, such as a direct expansion system that cools your space by absorbing heat from it. If you live in the snow, well, just make sure you have a big coat!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.