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Choosing Art for Every Room in Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

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The right art in each room brings personality and charm into your living space. Whether it’s a striking painting in the living room, playful plant artistry in the kitchen, or personalized pieces in the bedroom, choosing art for your home can elevate your home’s aesthetic.

Today, I am sharing some tips on choosing the perfect art for every room in your home that reflects your characteristic style and maintains aesthetic balance. Experiment, and enjoy the visual creation of harmony.

A bright kitchen with lots of plants making greenery one of the best types of art for the kitchen

Kitchen and Plant Art

The kitchen is a perfect place to include plant art—it infuses color and a feel of greenery in one of the most used parts of your home. Just imagine how much freshness and liveliness would be brought out by green lush and botanical prints in your kitchen.

Not only does plant art light up the room, but you can grow your herbs and spices as functional decor. Here are three ways to bring some plant art into your kitchen:

  • Hanging Herb Garden: Add some green and freshness to your food by creating a DIY Hanging Herb Garden full of your favorite herbs on a mount fixed vertically on the wall or a window in your kitchen.
  • Botanical Prints: Place framed botanical prints or watercolor paintings of plants and flowers on your walls. Be sure the colors used are in harmony with those of your kitchen.
  • Potted Plants on Shelves: Place little potted plants—like basil, mint, or rosemary—on the open shelves or directly on the windowsills. This not only adds to the decor but fresh herbs are most easily accessible to immediate use during cooking.

Living Room and Paintings

When choosing art for your home, keep in mind that the living room generally forms the heart of any home; hence, beautiful paintings that will uphold your style and set a general tone for the rest of your decor are best placed here. 

It is in the living room that the art can share or welcome a sophisticated feel, hence forming a focus family and guests will easily be drawn to. Here are three ways you can add paintings to your living room:

  • Statement Piece: Go for a large, striking painting to create a statement above the sofa or the mantel. This may be an abstract piece, a landscape, or even a portrait that basically ties the room together and pulls the eyes toward one place in particular.
  • Gallery Wall: Create a gallery wall with a number of smaller paintings and art pieces brought together in mix-and-match styles, including beautiful abstract art, adding depth and interest to your living room.
  • Color Schemed Art: Pick those that have colors matching your living room’s color scheme. Whether bold, bright, or soft and subdued, color-matching of your art with your sofa, chair, and other knick-knacks will join the room.

Bedroom and Personalized Wall Art

The bedroom is your very own place, and you can make it particularly feel so with personalized wall art. Adding a few bits of any form of art adds a touch of customization where one gives away tidbits of one’s personality and memories for a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Here are three ways you can use personalized wall art in your bedroom:

  • Customized Name Signs: Add a statement of individuality with customized name signs or monograms done in different styles and materials to go with your bedroom decor, for it personalizes space.
  • Photo Collages: Design a photo collage with all your favorite memories, friends, and family. You can frame it or use a photo board to display a collection of much-cherished moments that will bring warmth and nostalgia into your bedroom.
  • Bespoke Prints and Quotes: Get bespoke prints of designs or quotes that resonate with you and let them adorn your walls. They are much-needed boosts one needs as they get up.
A woman working at her home desk with figurines as art

Office and Gadgets as Art

When choosing art for every room, don’t forget about the office. The office is where activity and inspiration come together, so putting gadgets as art will do great things for functionality and decoration. Techy decor transforms humdrum into a workspace that can get you to work in inspiration. Here are three ways to use gadgets as art in any office:

  • Digital Clocks and Displays: Select your sleek, modern digital clock or interactive display, knowing that what’s only being used to keep on track of the time will decorate an office wall or desk area with flair reflecting today’s taste in art.
  • Innovative Lighting: Smart lamps or LED light panels that change colors will instantly evoke different moods. This functional furniture doubles as an artistic element and offers a much-needed practical aspect to the workstation, all while being a real eye-catcher.
  • High-Tech Decor: Add gadgets like a wireless charger or smart speaker—maybe even a distinct tech sculpture. These objects serve a function but much more so serve as conversational pieces and design spots in the office to hopefully integrate technology into art.

Bathroom and Textile Art

One of the most forgotten spaces when choosing art for every room happens to be the bathroom. Textile art will infuse warmth and sophistication into this much-needed area. Be it woven tapestries or prints on fabric, textile artworks will support humidity but produce a soft and inviting feel in one’s bathroom. Here are three ways you can use textile art in your bathroom:

  • Woven Tapestries: These small woven tapestries are truly nice additions when attached to the bathroom walls. These things bring texture and color by providing coziness and style into an atmosphere that definitely enlivens the look of your bathroom.
  • Fabric Prints: Frame the fabric prints or embroidered pieces to add an artistic touch without overwhelming the space with their presence. Use patterns and colors that will blend with your bathroom’s theme, yet give off a feel of sophistication.
  • Artistic shower curtains are those with artistic designs or custom prints. This very practical decorative element will become, right after installation, the focal point in any bathroom and make it functional yet beautiful in its appearance.


Bring any home into haven status by confidently choosing art for every room using these simple tips. The right art will pull together your entire home, from the bright plant art in the kitchen to custom prints in the bedroom. Experiment, and enjoy the visual creation of harmony.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.