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Clever Ideas For Small Homeowners Who Miss Having Guests

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5 Clever Ideas for Small Homeowners for Entertaining

One of the biggest bugbears many people find when they live in a small home is it can be tough to invite people around. The trouble is, you just don’t have the chairs to seat them. The good news for small homeowners is there are many different solutions to some of your problems these days. And today, I’m going to explore some of the best. Let’s get started!

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Go low

I don’t know about you, but I love a more relaxed environment when you have guests around. And if you want them to have a unique experience when your guests arrive, why not consider sitting them on the floor? Bean bags, pillows, and poufs in bright color combinations are a great look. And, of course, they take up little space and can be packed away in a cupboard or on a couch until next time.

Hang ‘em high

But what if you don’t have much floor space? It’s a typical problem for small home owners who have kids – they can’t even see their carpet for all the toys. Well, why not look up instead of down? Most homes, regardless of size, have vast areas of free space higher up. So, consider hanging a nice and comfy rattan seat or two from the ceiling.

Combination furniture

Furniture that doubles up for two – or more – uses is all the rage these days. There are an enormous variety of options. Think about several chairs that link together to make a single seat or the Best Sleeper Sofa on the market so friends can stay over for the night. You could even use an old chest as a coffee table by day and put cushions on it by night. Just like that, it becomes a comfortable bench seat for guests.

Stackable tables and chairs

Of course, one of the biggest issues with having guests around is seating everyone at the table. Again, there are plenty of solutions. Look into finding a table that can store chairs underneath. There are some really smart ideas out there that fit together like a puzzle. They will give you a feature to admire when you are alone, and everyone a seat when you have guests.

Invest in lighting

Use your small home to your advantage. Invest a little in some lovely lighting to place around your rooms, and you will create an instantly intimate vibe. I know it can be hard to invite people with big homes around for dinner – but you shouldn’t let it worry you. You will give them an experience they just won’t have, and great lighting can really set the mood.


The best thing you can do when inviting guests to your small home? Just relax! It’s your home, and there is nothing you can do about its size right now. Not everything will be perfect – but the same applies to any sized house. Good friends and colleagues won’t even notice unless you make your concerns apparent. And, if anyone is silly enough to turn their noses up at a small home, why would you want to be their friend anyway?

Enjoy your event and have a great evening!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.