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Creative Fabrica Studio Review: The Ultimate Design Tool

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Learn how the new Creative Fabrica design tool, Studio, can take your creative endeavors to a whole new level in my Creative Fabrica Studio review.

I’ve been passionate about crafting and creating for many years, and my enthusiasm only seems to grow with time. Whether I’m crafting with my Cricut, creating an xTool project, or designing printables for my readers, I’m constantly engaged in some type of creative activity.

A collage of features found in Creative Fabrica Studio tool review with the name of the tool written in large white letters

This is a sponsored post for Creative Fabrica, but all opinions are my own.

A common thread among all my creative pursuits is the need for top-notch design assets. As a crafter, I am always looking for SVG files, creating my own files, or editing ones I have bought. Even as a blogger, I am constantly working with images, patterns, fonts, and other digital files for printables and social media – either designing them myself or editing ones I’ve found.

And that’s where Creative Fabrica comes into play. Creative Fabrica has been an absolute game-changer for my crafting, blogging, and even my home decor projects.

What Is Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is an online marketplace of design resources including images, fonts, and patterns, along with tools, resources, and even classes created to help you get the most out of your crafting. From the treasure trove of digital files to their latest innovative design tool Studio, this site can take your creative game to an amazing new level.

You will find millions of premium, downloadable design assets including high-quality fonts, graphics, illustrations, cutting files (including SVG and DXF), templates, patterns, and more – all in one, easy-to-use, very well-organized spot! Plus, they constantly add new designers and designs so you can always find something new to keep your creativity flowing.

They also offer blog tutorials and classes on everything from weaving and spinning to graphic design and home decor.

Image introducing Creative Fabrica Studio tool

Creative Fabrica Studio

While I have enjoyed using Creative Fabrics for years, I was thrilled when they introduced their newest tool, Studio. This 100% free fantastic online design tool further streamlines the design process by allowing you to create and customize designs directly within the platform – no more downloading and uploading to other design tools or software.

It is a perfect tool for crafters, educators, businesses, and even those who work with print-on-demand!

Creative Fabrica Studio can handle pretty much any design challenge you throw at it. It is very user-friendly, fast, and packed full of amazing features. It reminds me of Canva, but even better.

A screenshot example of graphics found in Creative Fabrica Studio

Unlimited Design Assets

At the heart of Studio lies an extensive design library of design assets. You can easily craft unique designs using their library of images, templates, fonts, graphics, photos, and patterns. Or you can use the powerful Creative Fabrica Spark AI to bring your ideas to life by generating graphics and fonts based on your descriptions or uploads.

Studio seamlessly integrates with Spark AI to lend a helping hand to your creative journey. Bring your ideas to life by creating graphics and fonts based on your descriptions or uploads. Or use the inpainting tool to make that perfect design even better. Simply brush over the parts you want to remove or redesign, input your text prompt instructions, and let AI inpaint the rest.

An example of an AI created design in Creative Fabrica Studio

Using Spark AI also helps keep you organized while enabling you to speed up the design process by turning your creative ideas into reality faster than ever. You can use it to create pretty much anything that you can imagine!


Studio also has tons of beautiful free templates you can use. Choose from various categories including ads, book covers, cards, labels, t-shirts, social media post templates, invitations, WorkSheets templates, and many more. Simply select the type of template you want to design, find one you like, and you’re ready to go!

screenshot of templates found in Studio

More Studio Features

Studio is absolutely packed with creative features. So many that it would take too long to describe them all. Here is a quick glimpse of some of the features you can use:

  • background remover
  • rotate, crop, resize, and mirror images
  • change the colors of your image
  • add text
  • add emojis
  • circle crop
  • adjust layers
  • overlay and combine images
  • animate images
  • blur, unblur, sharpen
  • add filters
  • enhance photos
  • add watermarks to photos
  • and much more!
Screenshot of Studio's features

Create PNG and SVG files

With Studio, you can also easily create custom PNG or SVG files that are immediately ready to be downloaded and used with cutting machines, laser machines, printers, and more. The vectorizer feature enables you to convert any raster-based image (JPG/PNG) into a fully scalable Vector design perfect for high-quality cutting and detailed printing. In just seconds you can instantly convert to SVG any picture, image, or photo you have to an SVG file.

This is priceless for those who enjoy creating files for Cricut, Silohoutte, and other similar machines!

Graphics on a purple background

Create Transparent PNGs with Studio

Plus, Studio has one very unique and stand-out feature: the ability to create transparent PNGs! Being able to create transparent PNGs opens up a world of possibilities in digital design and print, allowing you to seamlessly overlay designs on various backgrounds without any unsightly borders. It’s perfect for T-shirts, stickers, decor, and more.

View, Download, and Share Your Creations

With Studio, you can view and download your design in various formats. You can also seamlessly send and share large files to keep your projects moving forward without a hitch.

Commercial Licenses

Studio offers a flexible commercial license, granting you complete freedom to use their huge selection of templates, graphics, and other assets so you can focus on boosting your commercial ventures without worry.

screenshot of templates in Studio for crafting

Ease of Use

Studio is incredibly user-friendly, merging all the essential tools and resources you need into an easy-to-navigate tool. Its easy drag-and-drop interface makes it a cinch to create, edit, and tweak designs with just a few clicks. Plus it is fast, responsive, and fun. The thoughtful design ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience every time you use it.

How Much Does Studio Cost?

Believe it or not, Studio is 100% free! However, you can up your game big time when you use it with a Creative Fabrica subscription which gives you unlimited access to everything the site has to offer!

While they do offer some free design assets for free, most of their premium resources require a subscription.

Creative Fabrica offers several different subscriptions depending on your needs. These subscriptions usually range from $12 to $29 a month, depending on what you choose. These include:

  • All Access Subscription: $29/month. For those who want access to everything, the monthly All Access Subscription offers unlimited possibilities including personal, commercial, and POD use of files!
  • Specific Subscriptions: If you are interested in a specific creative goodie, you can sign up for a Graphics Subscription, a Font Subscription, or a Craft Subscription. These also include a commercial license for your projects. These range from $12 to $19 a month.
  • Single Purchase: If you want one specific item, such as a font or graphic, you can buy it at a one-off cost. These also include a commercial license.

A lot of times Creative Fabrica will offer a great deal. For example, today I can get one year of full access + unlimited Studio designs for just $47!

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Still not sure? Sign up for a free trial! It’s risk-free!

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a newbie looking to express your creativity, Creative Fabrica offers the resources and tools to make your creative process as enjoyable and efficient as possible. Studio, their latest design tool, can help your creativity soar! The possibilities are endless!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.