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14 Days of Valentine’s with Free Printable Tags

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Dive into 14 days of Valentine’s filled with unique and heartfelt surprises! With my downloadable cards and this guide for the perfect daily gifts, you’re all set for a Valentine’s journey filled with love and creativity.

All 14 Valentine's Day gifts, each paired with their corresponding tags, arranged together for display

Ready to make this Valentine’s season truly unforgettable? Celebrate your love with my 14 Days of Valentine’s! I’ve put together a 14-day series of Valentine’s surprises, complete with ready-to-print cards and inspiring gift ideas for each day.

It’s been fourteen years since I first did this for my husband, and he absolutely loved it! Inspired by that memory, I decided to create an entirely new set of gift tags and bring the tradition back to life this year – and share it with you!

close up of all 14 days of Valentines with their printable tags attached

DIY Valentine’s Ideas

The 14 Days of Love is a great way to make every day leading up to Valentine’s Day a special celebration of your love!

From homemade treats to small keepsakes, these personalized Valentines are super cute and surprisingly easy to put together! The best part? None of the ideas will break the bank. I was able to find almost everything you see pictured at Dollar Tree, with the exception of the homemade Valentine’s and the seed kit.

Plus, each of the clever sayings on the tags can be matched with several different gift ideas so you can tailor the gifts to your Valentine’s preferences. Check below for additional gift ideas and I also included some ideas next to each tag on the actual printable.

How 14 Days of Valentines Works

14 days of valentines mockup of the printable instructions and 1 day tag on a red background.

Here’s what you do:

  • Starting on Feb. 1 and for every day leading up to Valentine’s Day (from the 1st to the 13th), you will surprise your loved one with a charming little gift and a uniquely designed tag with a fun phrase that complements the gift.
  • You can place the gifts in unexpected places – for example, leave them on the kitchen counter for a morning surprise, or tuck them away in the fridge or closet for a playful discovery. The idea is to keep it spontaneous and fun, brightening your loved one’s day whenever and wherever they find it.
  • On the 14th, the final day, you have the option to give your main Valentine’s Day gift, something you’ve been planning for this special occasion along with the tag that says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. OR you could opt for another small, yet meaningful gift accompanied by one of the other tags.
  • To give you more choices, I’ve included 16 different tag sayings. So, go ahead and pick the one that resonates most with your feelings and your special someone!

You can give the gifts in any order you’d like, but I do recommend starting with the heart-shaped tag (in image above) that says ’14 Days of Valentine’s for You’ to give your loved one a hint of the wonderful surprises to come. I usually begin with a small box of chocolates for day one but feel free to choose any gift that speaks to your heart for the kickoff.

14 Days of Valentine’s Gift Ideas and Tags

Below are the 14 Days of Valentine’s gift tag sayings and gifts along with a few extra Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will also do well with the printable tags.

“14 Days of Valentines

This heart-shaped tag is to kick off the 14 Days of Valentine’s along with a small gift of your choice. I opted for a small box of chocolates, but anything heart-shaped or special to the two of you would do.

A heart-shaped box of chocolates with a tag attached that reads '14 Days of Valentines for You'.

“You Light up My Life!”

I found this perfect ‘I Love You’ marquee letter light at Dollar Tree for just $5! They also had these heart lights. Amazon also has a great selection of lights, but they cost a bit more than the one I found. You could also gift a scented candle, a heart-shaped night lamp, or even a strand of LED fairy lights.

A red 'I Heart U' marquee light turned on, accompanied by a tag that reads 'You Light Up My Life' for the 14 Days of Valentines.

“You are One Hot Tamale!“

For this, I used a pack of Hot Tamales. Other spicy candies like Red Hots or any other cinnamon candy will also work. Likewise, you could go the spicy food route and get a package of spicy chips, hot Cheetos, or Takis.

A box of Hot Tamale candies accompanied by a tag that says 'You Are One Hot Tamale' for the 14 Days of Valentines.

“You make my heart melt like chocolate

I paired this one with his favorite candy bar. Other ideas include a box of chocolates (if you did not give one on day one), a selection of gourmet chocolates, a S’mores kit, or even a fondue set for a sweet evening.

A Snickers candy bar paired with a tag that reads 'You Make My Heart Melt Like Chocolate' for a 14 Days of Valentines gift.

I’m Nuts About You!“

A few packs of his favorite nuts are the perfect match for this one. Other ideas include Nutter Butter cookies, gourmet peanut butter, a Nutrageous candy bar, or other peanut butter snacks.

Two small bags of nuts tied together with a ribbon, accompanied by a tag that says 'I'm Nuts About You'.

“You Make My Heart Bloom

A chocolate rose is my choice for this Valentine’s tag. Other gift ideas could be a bouquet of flowers, a single rose or other flower, or even a beautifully potted plant that flowers such as a Christmas Cactus.

A chocolate rose nestled in a black box, accompanied by a 14 Days of Valentines tag with the message 'You Make My Heart Bloom'.

“I am So fortunate to Have You in my Life”

This is a fun one, especially if you enjoy making things! I am giving him these super cute and easy-to-make DIY Felt Fortune Cookies with printable fortunes that I shared last week. You could also gift edible fortune cookies, or create some fun or sexy fortunes and put them in an Asian food take-out box!

A heart-shaped box filled with DIY pink, red, and white felt fortune cookies, with some scattered outside the box, and a tag on the lid reading 'I am so fortunate to have you in my life' as part of a 14 Days of Valentines gift.

“It’s a Treat Being Your Valentine”

This one pairs perfectly with any type of candy. Other ideas could be your Valentine’s favorite sweet treat, some homemade meringue cookies for Valentine’s Day, one of these heart-topped Cherry Cheesecake Jar, some homemade Rainbow Candy hearts, or even the promise of a different kind of treat (wink-wink).

A tube filled with pink and red candy, featuring a heart-shaped lid, and a tag reading 'It's a Treat Being Your Valentine' for a 14 Days of Valentines gift idea.

“Our Love is the Perfect Blend

Find a cute mug or make your own like my Kisses From the Mrs. DIY Valentine’s Day Coffee Mug and fill it with gourmet coffee or a special tea blend.

A white mug adorned with a red heart, filled with bags of tea, and featuring a 14 Days of Valentines tag that reads 'Our Love is the Perfect Blend'.

“You Hold the Key to My Heart”

I found a great skeleton key to use for this one. A custom keychain, a decorative key for a ‘secret garden’, or a key to a special diary or box will also work great!

A skeleton key adorned with a tag that reads 'You Hold the Key to My Heart', prepared as a gift for the 14 Days of Valentines.

“I’ve Got a Crush on You”

Gift them a bottle of Strawberry Crush or Orange Crush soda for a sweet and playful twist.

A bottle of Strawberry Crush soda with a 14 Days of Valentines tag, reading 'I've Got a Crush on You'.

“10 Things I Love About You”

For this one, I cut out paper hearts, and on each one, I wrote one thing I love about my husband. I then put them all in a cute Valentine’s Day jar. Any type of cute Valentine’s Day container would work.

Red paper hearts with handwritten messages scattered around a jar filled with more cut-out hearts for '10 Things I Love About You' Valentine's gift.

“I Love You to Pieces

Another sweet treat, this time a pack of Reece’s Pieces. You could also give a puzzle, a puzzle-shaped pendant, or even one of those custom puzzles that are made from a photograph of the two of you.

A box of Reese's Pieces with a tag attached saying 'I Love You to Pieces' for the 14 Days of Valentines.

“You Plant Seeds of Love in My Heart”

I had this great Blossom Kit to give to him since he enjoys fresh herbs and gardening. Other ideas include tying a few packs of seeds together, putting together a DIY gardening kit for a day of planting and growing together, gifting an indoor gardening kit, or even a pack of seeds with a cute planter. Amazon has lots of great items. Since this is one of the more expensive (still affordable, though!) gifts, you could use this one as your final-day gift if he or she is a gardener!

A wooden seed kit box with a printable tag reading 'You Plant Seeds of Love in My Heart', prepared as a gift for the 14 Days of Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This tag is for the last day, the 14th, aka Valentine’s Day. You can use it along with whatever Valentine’s Day gift you plan to give. OR you can finish up with one of the other tags as the final gift.

A 14 Days of Valentines gift tag on a white background, surrounded by scattered red and pink hearts.

Additional Gift Tags and Ideas

I also included three more printable gift tags (see image below) so you can choose the ones that fit your love the best!

“I Love Watching Our Story Play Out”

Gift his or her favorite movie, tickets to a movie, or even some play tickets to enjoy a story together.

“You Rock My World”

With this idea, you can gift a pretty gem or geode, an engraved rock, or go the other way and give the gift of music or concert tickets!

“You Make My Heart Bounce

Give your significant other a bouncy ball. Other gift ideas include a trampoline park ticket, tickets to a basketball game, or even a fun dance class together.

14 days of valentines mockup of printable pages of the extra tags for gifts on red background

How to Get Your Free Printable Valentine’s Day Sayings and Matching Gift Ideas

Isn’t this such a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day?! Are you ready to create your own 14 days of Valentine’s? Here’s what to do…

14 days of valentines mockup of all 5 printable pages of the tags for gifts on red background

Step One: Download Tags

First, click to download the printable 14 Days of Valentine’s gift tags. You will get seven pages of tags, gift ideas for each tag, and instructions. There are 18 tags total so you have extra options.

Printed sheets of 14 Days of Valentines tags with some already cut out, alongside a pair of scissors, ready for crafting.

Step Two: Print and Cut

Next, print the tags. While you can always print them on standard white printer paper, I prefer to use card stock for better printing and a more sleek look to the tags.

Then, use a good pair of scissors or a paper cutter to carefully cut out each tag.

A cut out Valentine's tag with a hole punched in the corner, a spool of Valentine's ribbon, and a hole puncher on a table.

Step Three: Add Tags to Gifts

From there, simply attach each tag to the corresponding gift. I used a hole punch and some pretty Valentine’s ribbon to tie the tag to each gift, but you can also just use tape.

bullocks buzz pro tip dragonfly icon

Pro Tip

Make sure your printer settings are set to “actual size” and not to “fit”. Then the tags should print correctly.

And just like that, your sweet 14 days of Valentine’s surprises are all set to spread love and joy!

More Adorable Valentine’s Day Ideas with Printables

Looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas? Check out some of my other favorites below! Most have printables you can use!

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Close up of the 14 days of Valentines for you tag

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I hope you love this 14 Days of Valentine’s idea as much as I do! It was so fun and easy to make! Plus it is such a fun way to show love and affection! If you decide to make this DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea I’d love to see how it turned out!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing your take on my ideas. So, be sure to tag me at @bullocksbuzz (Instagram and Facebook) or @alainabullock (on Twitter) and share what you’ve made. And don’t forget to use #BullocksBuzz so I can see your creation and share it!

And finally, if you get a chance, please comment and leave me a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating on the printable craft card or in the comments section below!

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