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DIY Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar with Laser Engraved Lid: xTool Craft Idea

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Spread the magic of the holidays with my latest DIY adventure – a Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar, crafted with love and a touch of laser precision! Discover how you can create this heartwarming gift, complete with a special poem to spread the joy!

(Get the free SVG file and Snowman Soup Poem printable below).

Finished DIY Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar on a blue placemat, adorned with snowmen figures, blue and silver ornaments, and a silver garland, creating a festive holiday display.

Season’s Greetings, Craft Lovers! Christmas is almost here and there’s still time to craft some more joy and warmth. If you are looking for a great homemade gift or a last-minute present, I’ve got you covered!

Today, I’m beyond excited to share a special DIY project that’s not just a festive treat but also a gift that keeps on giving – my DIY Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar.

This isn’t your ordinary holiday craft; it’s a stacked wonder that brings joy in layers! Created with a set of stackable jars I found at Dollar General, this adorable DIY holiday gift is filled with my homemade hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips mixed with peppermint bits.

It’s all tied together with an adorable Snowman Soup poem and topped off with a snowflake ornament and a candy cane for stirring those delicious cups of hot cocoa! Free printable Snowman Soup poem download and SVG file for the lid below – keep reading!

Overhead view of the completed Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar, beautifully layered with homemade cocoa mix, marshmallows, and chocolate-peppermint topping, adorned with a laser-engraved lid, a festive ribbon, a snowflake ornament, and a candy cane.

This adorable homemade holiday craft is not just a gift; it’s a warm hug in a jar! And one you can use over and over even after the hot cocoa mix is gone!

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My First Project with the xTool M1

Creating this DIY Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar was not just about crafting a unique gift for the holidays, it was also my very first project created with my new xTool M1!

The xTool M1 Laser and Cutting Machine with the Air Assist set up on the Honeycomb Riser sitting on a white desk in front of a window.

Using the xTool M1 was much easier than I thought it would be. Yes, it took me a few tries to get my lids to turn out the way I wanted as I had to experiment a bit with the settings. But once I figured it out, it was smooth sailing. And I love how they turned out!

You can learn more about my xTool M1 laser engraving and cutting machine in my upcoming review [here]!

xTool is running a huge sale on all their lasers until Christmas! Use this link to save an additional $80 off your purchase of $999 or more! Discount will be automatically applied.

Completed DIY Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar creating a festive holiday display

How To Make Snowman Soup Gift Jar

This DIY holiday gift idea is an affordable Christmas craft or Haunkkah craft that doesn’t just dazzle; it warms the heart and the belly! It’s everything you need to cook up a few mugs of homemade hot cocoa that’s perfect for those cold winter days and nights. Plus, the jars can be used over and over again.

But what makes this homemade holiday gift extra unique is the custom-engraved wooden lid. Using my new xTool M1, I laser engraved the words ‘Snowman Soup’ surrounded by snowflakes. And y’all, it turned out SO cute!

No laser engraver? No worries! I’ve added some suggestions for you so you can still make this holiday craft turn out just as cute. Keep reading!

If you are ready to create some holiday magic then let’s jump right into the frosty fun of creating this delightful gift!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links for products that’ll sleigh your holiday crafting game. If you make a purchase through these links, I might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As always, I only endorse products that I have (or have had), use, and love.

flat lay of supplies to make Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar DIY gift idea

Supplies You Will Need

Did I mention that this craft cost less than $20 to make? Here are the jolly little goodies you’ll need to bring your DIY Snowman Soup Gift Jar to life!

You can use my whimsical Snowman Soup poem printable to sprinkle more magic into your jars! Simply click the link in the previous sentence to download and print the poem.

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Pro Tip

Always make sure ‘Actual Size’ is selected before printing (not fit to printable area). Or, if you want it smaller, simply reduce the image size under ‘scale’ in your printer window before printing. I took mine down to 80%.

This sweet poem not only complements the jars but also brings a smile to anyone lucky enough to receive this heartwarming gift.

Preview image of Snowman Soup Poem with recipe instructions

DIY Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar Instructions

Ready to get your holiday craft on? Follow these merry steps to assemble your adorable DIY Snowman Soup Gift Jar.

Step One: Engraving the Lid Using the xTool M1

Using my Xtool M1, I etched the words “Snowman Soup” and some cute snowflakes onto the wooden lid. This personalized touch adds so much charm! If you don’t have a laser machine, below this section is another one with some alternate ideas.

Here are the steps on how to make the super cute laser-engraved lids using the xTool M1!

1. Designing in Canva

First, I went into Canva and designed a file to use with my xTool.

Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar creating lid design in Canva

2. Setting Up in xTool Creative Space

Next, in xTool Creative Space, I imported the Snowman Soup file and then clicked on the image to open the SVG file. You can get my Snowman Soup Lid file here:

Snowman Soup Lid

Plain lid placed inside xTool M1 centered to prepare for engraving

3. Engraving Process

After placing the lid on the honeycomb riser inside the machine and closing the lid, I then went back to Creative Space and changed the settings to ‘engrave’.

Next, I selected User Defined Material. When I first tried to auto-measure, I got an error. So instead of manually putting in the distance, I raised the lid using a small piece of wood. This worked perfectly and the machine was able to auto-measure the distance at 31.5.

Screenshot of xTool Creative Space with lid settings

For the settings, I set the power at 55, speed at 99, and pass at 1. Then, I refreshed the camera view and used Creative Space to drag, resize, and center my image on the lid. The live camera view is one of my favorite xTool M1 features!

screenshot of xTool Creative Space software ready to frame the object for laser engraving

Before cutting, I had the machine frame the image. Don’t skip this as it helps ensure your design is engraved exactly where you want it (yes, I learned this the hard way).

Screenshot of xTool Creative Space after pressing the 'start' button to begin laser engraving

From there, I simply clicked ‘start’ in Creative Space, pushed the button on the M1, and the machine did all the rest. It was that simple! I was impressed with how quickly it engraved my lid, taking maybe 5 minutes total!

Lid after engraving sitting inside the xTool M1 laser engraving machine on a honeycomb riser

When the lid was finished, I set it aside to work on the rest of the craft.

Step Two: Layer the Ingredients

Once you have your lid ready, it’s time to add the ingredients to each jar.

  • Bottom Jar: Add a mix of mini chocolate chips and crushed peppermint.
  • Middle Jar: Pack it with the mini marshmallows.
  • Top Jar: Fill it with the homemade cocoa mix.
Three separate stackable jars arranged side by side, each filled with a different ingredient for Snowman Soup: one with homemade hot cocoa mix, another with fluffy mini marshmallows, and the third with a blend of chocolate chips and peppermint bits. In front of them lies the engraved wooden lid, showcasing the words 'Snowman Soup' and snowflake designs.

After the individual jars are filled, stack them so the hot cocoa mix is on top then seal it with your personalized lid.

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Pro Tip

Use strips of clear tape running from the top of the stack of jars to the bottom in different spots to ensure they do not come apart by accident.

Snowman Soup Poem, candy cane and the stacked jars with the laser-engraved lid on.

Step Three: Add the Poem and Instructions

Next, print out the Snowman Soup poem, cut off the excess paper, and fold it in half so the poem is on the front and the instructions on the back. I then laminated my poem, but you don’t have to.

Now, use a hole puncher to punch a single hole in the top left corner of the poem.

A festive ribbon is tied around the neck of the jar, with a candy cane tucked into it, adding a touch of holiday charm.

Step Five: Embellish with Holiday Cheer

Next, take a length of ribbon and tie it around the middle part of the top jar making sure you leave enough slack so the candy cane can fit under it securely. Attach the Snowman Soup poem and the snowflake ornament before you tie a bow.

Finally, add the candy cane.

And there you have it, a trio of holiday cheer all wrapped up – your Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar is ready to dazzle and warm hearts — and some bellies, too!

Image of the completed Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar, showcasing its three distinct layers: rich cocoa mix at the bottom, fluffy mini marshmallows in the middle, and a festive blend of chocolate chips and peppermint on top. The jar is topped with an intricately engraved wooden lid, embellished with a decorative ribbon, a snowflake ornament, and a classic candy cane for a cozy holiday touch.

No Laser Engraver? No Problem!

Don’t have a laser engraver? Fear not, my festive crafters! You can still make a charming lid for your Snowman Soup Gift Jar with a few creative alternatives. Here are a few suggestions on how you can bring that holiday charm to life with just paint, markers, or a cutting machine like the Cricut or Silhouette.

Option 1: Decorate with Paint or Markers

  • Freehand Magic: If you’re confident in your artistic skills, grab some paint or permanent markers and let your creativity flow! You can draw snowflakes, write “Snowman Soup”, or even sketch a cute snowman.

Option 2: Make Your Own Stencil

  • Find Your Design: Search online for snowman or snowflake images that catch your eye. Websites like Pinterest are great for inspiration.
  • Print and Cut: Once you’ve found your perfect design, print it out on regular paper or cardstock. Then carefully cut out the shapes to create your stencil.
  • Stencil It On: Place the stencil on the lid and use markers or a sponge or brush to apply paint. For a neat finish, dab gently and avoid smearing. Let the lid dry completely before using it.

Option 3: Buy Pre-Made Stencils to Use

  • Craft Store Finds: Don’t feel like making your own stencil? No worries! Head to your local craft store or browse online. You’ll find a wide array of pre-made stencils perfect for your project.
  • Online Options: Websites like Amazon, Etsy, or craft retailers often have a great variety of stencils. You can find exactly what you need with just a few clicks.
  • Easy to Use: Pre-made stencils are super user-friendly. Simply position them on the lid and use paint or a marker to fill in the design.

Option 4: Use a Cutting Machine for Vinyl Designs

  • Cutting Precision: If you have access to a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette, it’s a fantastic way to create intricate designs for your jar lids using vinyl. The xTool M1 is also a cutting machine!
  • Design Process: Start by selecting or creating your design in the cutting machine’s software.
  • Vinyl Application: Once your design is cut, carefully apply the vinyl to the lid.
  • Seal for Durability: After applying the vinyl, you might consider sealing it with a clear spray to ensure it stays put and adds a professional finish to your DIY Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar lid.

With these creative alternatives, your Snowman Soup Gift Jar will still have that beautiful handmade charm and personal touch, even without a laser engraver!

Image of the assembled Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar, showing three stackable jars with the bottom layer filled with hot cocoa mix, the middle with mini marshmallows, and the top with chocolate chips and peppermint bits. The jar is completed with the engraved wooden lid on top.

Variations to Spice Up Your Snowman Soup Gift Jar

One of the joys of DIY crafts is the freedom to customize and get creative! Here are some fun variations you can try with your Snowman Soup Gift Jar to make each one uniquely yours.

1. Mix and Match Jar Contents:

  • Spice It Up: Add a cinnamon stick or a dash of nutmeg to the cocoa mix for a unique twist.
  • Colorful Marshmallows: Use marshmallows in different shapes and colors to add a playful touch.
  • Flavored Chips: Instead of regular chocolate chips, try using white chocolate or mint-flavored chips for a different taste experience.

2. Customize the Lid:

  • Laser Options: Create unique custom designs related to snowmen and winter. Laser engrave snowflake patterns, winter scenes, or phrases like “Let It Snow” to add a personal touch to your jars.
  • Stencil Variety: Mix it up by combining different stencil designs to create a unique look. Layering different patterns can give your jar lid an extra special touch.
  • Add Cute Extras: add little details like glitter or tiny stickers for that extra sparkle.
  • Mix and Match: Combine freehand drawing and stenciling for a unique look. For example, stencil a few snowflakes and then add a few hand-drawn details.

3. Ribbon and Embellishments:

  • Themed Ribbons: Choose fun and festive ribbons that match your specific holiday theme or color scheme.
  • Charms and Ornaments: Try adding small holiday charms or other miniature ornaments besides a snowflake to the ribbon for an extra festive look. A little snowman ornament would be adorable!

5. Packaging Personalization:

  • Gift Box: Place the jar in a pretty gift box filled with festive tissue paper.
  • Reusable Bags: Or consider packaging the jar in a reusable holiday-themed bag.

These variations not only add a personal flair to each Snowman Soup Gift Jar but also make the crafting process even more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to experiment and put your own unique spin on this delightful holiday project!

Side view of the completed Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar, prominently displaying the enchanting Snowman Soup poem attached to the jar with a ribbon. In clear view are the decorative snowflake ornament and a candy cane, beautifully complementing the layered contents of cocoa mix, marshmallows, and chocolate-peppermint blend inside the jar.

More Holiday Crafts and Treats

If you’re overflowing with holiday crafting enthusiasm, check out my other festive DIY ideas. They’re sure to add an extra dash of cheer to your holiday celebrations!

Final presentation of the Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar, artfully composed with a laser-engraved lid featuring festive snowflake motifs. The jar layers include homemade cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, and a chocolate chips and peppermint mix, elegantly tied together with a ribbon. A candy cane and a snowflake ornament add the perfect finishing touches to this charming holiday craft."

Like It? Love it? Please Share It!

I hope you love this DIY Snowman Soup Hot Coca Jar craft as much as I do! It was so fun and easy to make! If you decide to make this DIY holiday gift idea, I’d love to see how it turned out!

I can’t wait to see your version of the DIY Snowman Soup Hot Cocoa Jar with Engraved Lid! Share your creations on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and tag me @bullocksbuzz or @alainabullock. Don’t forget to use #BullocksBuzz so I can celebrate your crafting success with you!

And if you enjoyed this post, please leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating below and share your thoughts in the comments. Your feedback is the sprinkle of joy on my festive day!

Happy crafting and may your holidays be merry and bright! 🎄✨🎅

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.