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Help Aging Parents Stay Self-Sufficient By Making Your Home Their Own

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When it comes time to care for aging parents, it can be hard for everyone. You’ll find yourself facing extra responsibility. Your parents will have a hard time adjusting, too. Even so, if you want to avoid them going into a home, taking them in can be your only option. Putting proper plans in place is the best way to ensure everyone adjusts. Help aging parents stay self-sufficient by making sure your home is ready and by considering these things!


To make moving easier, you’re going to need to provide your parents with a space of their own. If you’re lucky enough to have an outhouse or garage, think about renovating it. If your parents are living in your home, clear boundaries can make things easier. They can help you keep control of your life, and help your parents feel they’re in control of theirs too. Make sure to state from the off that you don’t need to spend every second together. Provide a television for your parent’s room. Ensure they know they can escape there when they need to. If they’re of sound mind, it’s worth installing a lock on their door. That way, they can keep their independence from you when they need it.


Bear in mind that your parents won’t be as physically able as you. Simple things like going to the toilet are going to be a lot harder for them. If your parents are moving in, it may be worth hiring bathroom remodeling contractors to ensure they can use the room with ease. Being responsible for your parent’s bathroom use is going to put an extra strain on you. Not to mention that it could make the change harder for them to get used to. Do everything you can to help them remain self-sufficient. Consider installing a frame around the bathroom and bath so that they can get themselves up and down.

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You’ll also need to think about how your parents are getting up and down the stairs. Staircases can become a real obstacle as you get older. Stair lifts can be life-savers if this is the case. Your parents won’t have to bother you each time they want to go up or down if you have one of these installed. Again, this will allow them to stay self-sufficient and take pressure off you.


It’s important to recognize when your care isn’t enough for your parents anymore. If you’ve taken all possible steps and life is still hard, it might be time to admit defeat. This is the most difficult decision you’ll ever have to make, but it’s a crucial one. Your parent’s quality of life won’t be good if they have to call on you for everything. They’ll feel guilty and could get frustrated with themselves. Think how bad you would feel if they hurt themselves because you weren’t there to help. Avoid the eventuality by knowing when to admit defeat.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.