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How to Find Joy in Challenging Times

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Many people struggle to find joy in difficult moments. To help overcome this, you need to generate a list of easy positive habits to try out which could allow you to find joy in your life no matter what you are going through. Whatever the definition of joy is to you, this great feeling can be utilized in excellent do it yourself simple ways. Below are five tips for finding joy in challenging times no matter what you are going through.

Living in the Present

One way to find joy in challenging times is to train yourself to live in the present. Human beings are emotional beings. We sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed by sadness and loss, mainly due to stressful life events. These events could include the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, or medical problems. When passing through this, it is vital to take the life you are living a step at a time. Passing through difficult moments is easily managed when we do not overwhelm our minds by worrying about the future.

One way to find joy in challenging times

Therefore, it is essential to focus on the small moments in the present that stimulate positive solutions. These moments may be in the form of activities such as listening to your favorite song, weeding the garden, or talking to your best friend. If needed, make plans to visit Georgia disability lawyers for some extra help regarding disability benefits. Making a positive move forward will always be beneficial to you.

Grow a Daily Gratitude Process

Focusing on things you are grateful for daily is another way to find joy in challenging times Having daily gratitude means taking some time to reflect upon things you are thankful for. Generally, daily gratitude does not have to be a considerable exercise; think of a positive statement or a phrase and say them to yourself.

Try writing a gratitude journal or note down in your diary the things you were grateful for. Practice doing this, even during your worst moments. Your daily gratitude practice will help lower your challenges into perspectives that indirectly create moments of joy and thus keep worried distress away.

Avoid Comparing Yourself

One of the biggest ways to find joy in challenging times is to stop comparing yourself to others. If you get into thinking that everyone’s life should be like yours, try to remember that comparison kills joy. However, this isn’t easy to avoid, especially in today’s world where social media has dominated the world. Comparison has been made easy as it is easy to evaluate where you fit compared to the fittest, most intelligent, or richest person we see. By making these comparisons, you will develop a biased account of your skills and success.

For you to maintain a mentally healthy lifestyle it is essential to stop comparison using an unrealistic target and, instead, focus on the positives. A favorable comparison entails comparing yourself to what you were a month or a year ago; this will help you realize skills you have improved or qualified you find interesting about yourself.


Cultivating joy for others is as crucial as developing fun for yourself. It is better to give than to receive, and doing this to others will positively affect your mental health and state of happiness. It’s a very effective way to find joy in challenging times.

Acts of kindness to other people usually go a long way and lead to higher levels of well-being responsible for a joyous life. A single act of kindness will help ignite another, and no single act of gratitude is too small. These acts will eventually make the world a better place.

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Lastly, another way to find joy in challenging times is to challenge any negative thoughts you find yourself thinking. Questioning irrational thoughts is a great method of reducing depression and helping you live a joyous life even in your darkest moments. The main aim of this method is to help you get away from a negative mindset of, “I think I’m a failure,” to a positive mindset of, “I’ve had a lot of success.” When you feel that you have been overwhelmed by the negative thoughts, write down the negative thoughts and try to challenge that thinking. This will play a big part in leading a happy life.

Following the methods above will go a long way in making you have a successful and joyous life in the time of difficulties. Additionally, a happy life is the greatest gift we can give ourselves during our lowest moments.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.