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Man Cave: Giving Your Man A Place Of His Own In Your Family Home

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Call it a shed, or a man cave. Call it ‘his attic’, ‘his basement’ or just ‘his room’. Whatever name you want to give it, the principal and purpose behind it will remain the same. What you will be creating is a place that your man can call his own. It will be his own little piece of paradise in your home, where he can do whatever he wants. Within reason, of course!

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So, how you can go about giving your man a place of his own in your family home. Let’s find out!

First up, you’ll need to find the space for it. This could be a room that is already in good working order, but is used for something else. Maybe an office, or a spare bedroom. Alternatively, you may be able to make a space from a room in the house you’ve never used. Look high in the attic, or low in the basement. Look to the side of the house, and the garage. Look to the garden and any outdoor structures you have there!

Do think about how you can make the space suitable for fall and winter too. After all, the weather is likely to be colder and the nights longer. So, make sure the space is equipped with basic things like plug sockets and light bulbs.  You can find more advice on prepping your home for fall at

There is a pretty good chance that you will need to do some form of work in the room to get it ready. It could be that it just needs a fresh lick of paint. Or maybe it needs some new furniture; items that will allow the room to be fit-for-purpose. So, if the room is for computing on a desktop, a desk would be useful!

Here’s a great illustration of how impressive a room makeover can be. This example will come in particularly useful if it is a basement room that are you doing up!

Also when deciding on the space, think about noise levels. Will he be protected from inquisitive dogs and nosy children, and in turn, will they be protected from noises that he makes. This might be from his music or his XBox, for example!

On the topic of gaming, this leads us nicely onto the different uses for the room. So, if your guy loves nothing more than to get stuck into a good computer game, equip the space properly. You can check out sites like to stock up on the essentials! Or maybe he would adore a space to store all of his collectibles, or practice his favorite hobby? As for more things he may want in his space, take a look at thisThis is just one of the many guides out there that is all about equipping a man cave to the best of its ability!

So there you have it! He’s sure to love what you’ve done, and once he see’s it he can adjust it to suit him even more!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.