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Ouch! 3 Ways to Avoid Bug Bites When Outside This Summer

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There are so many wonderful things about being outside during the summer months. For one thing, you get to enjoy the beautiful sun while in the yard. Also, with the nights being lighter till later, you get to spend lovely evenings outside with friends and family. But one thing we don’t like about the summer months is the arrival of bugs. After all, it means you are likely to get bitten while outside in your yard! And as you will know if you have ever been bitten before, you end up with irritated skin. However, it doesn’t have to occur if you take steps to prevent the bugs. In fact, here are some ways you can enjoy no more bites when outside in your yard.

Avoid Bug Bites when outside this summerImage via flickr

Use Spray When Outside

You should always plaster you and the kids with mosquito repellent before going outside. For one thing, it will stop the bugs coming anywhere near you. Therefore, you can enjoy your time outside without having to worry about being bitten. And rather than having to hunt down areas in your garden where they are most present, spraying yourself will ensure none of them can get to you. Therefore, find a good spray which will last for a couple of hours. You can hunt online for reviews of the most effective repellents to use. And to ensure you remember to use it, put it on at the same time as the sun cream. That way, you won’t forget to apply it when going outside with the family!

Put screens around your eating area

It’s most common for bugs to arrive when you are consuming food and drink. After all, they can be enticed by the smell. And if you are eating later at night, the lights will attract them. Therefore, it can make it unbearable to eat outside with your loved ones. However, there are some ways you can keep them away from you while eating outside. For one thing, if you get a citrus scented candle, they will be repulsed by the smell and stay away. And garlic and white vinegar are also perfect for sending the bugs away naturally. Otherwise, you might want to consider putting up some form of a screen in your garden. For example, a retractable screen porch will be ideal for providing you with an insect-free area. But you can still enjoy views of the garden while you consume your dinner. Therefore, look into something like this to ensure days of bug bites are in the past!

Avoid Bug Bites screensImage via Pixabay

Limit Their Habits

Another way you can reduce the number of bites when you are out in the garden is by limiting the amount of habitats. After all, if you get rid of places where they might stay, they are less likely to stick around in your yard. For example, when it comes to mosquitoes, limit the amount of water in your backyard. After all, they need water to breed, so are less likely to stick around if the amount of water is reduced. Therefore, clean your gutters and keep your swimming pool chlorinated to stop them resting. And avoid bright lights in the garden which will see them swarming!

And remember to keep windows and doors protected with insect screens, so they don’t get in your home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.