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Oxytocin and Its Influence on Our Well-Being

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As we all know, hormones are one of the most important substances in our body that transfer information from one place to another. They are helping our body to perform its daily function while ensuring that some things such as metabolic processes, libido, mental stability, are on optimal level. When observing the bigger picture, we often disregard them, as well as glands that are producing them. Whenever our body is threatened, we usually fear that some of our organs are in trouble. However, in most cases, it is the hormones that are causing all these issues. It is much more likely for us to develop a condition due to the hormonal imbalance than any other organ dysfunction. Among many hormones that are being produced in our organism, oxytocin takes a special place as the hormone that impacts our mental health the most.

oxytocin picture relationships

Many people refer to this hormone as bonding hormone. It is because it helps us relate to other people and it creates long lasting relationships. At the same time, it is quite important for our romantic life because it deepens the relationship that we have with opposite sex. Even though its social function is quite remarkable and important, the impact of oxytocin on our brain is the most fascinating.

Recent discoveries have shown us that this hormone can potentially be a cure to numerous mental diseases. Most of these conditions are a product of our environment. Children that were abused and mistreated are more likely to develop problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. In that regard, we can conclude that oxytocin, as a hormone that is important for our social life and bonding can positively impact infant’s brain in those situations and relieve the stress that molested children suffered from while they were little. Today, this hormone is even given in a form of oxytocin nasal spray in order to counter all the symptoms of above mentioned diseases.

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Scientists also perceive oxytocin as a hormone that brings positive feeling. In that regard, it is logical that it can be used in this way because most of the mental patients have issues with reintegrating into society. They tend to seclude themselves and live in constant isolation. Another problematic symptom that these individuals need to deal with is loss of self-esteem. Even though they would like to treat themselves and make a change in their life, they are not able to do so.

When oxytocin is released into blood stream, it produces a positive sensation. Also, it makes it easier for us to approach other people. This is a great step forward in reintroducing all the suffering individuals to general population. However, it needs to be noted that this hormone can’t stand alone. Hormonal therapy is not enough for patients to return to normal. They still need to continue with psychotherapy. Otherwise, the root of the problem will not be eliminated and the diseases might resurface in much more severe form than previously.

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Courtesy Lau Lau Chan via Flickr

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.