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How To Plan a Simple Soirée This Spring or Summer

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How to Plan a Simple Soirée

There is something about spring and summer that means planning a party or event are much more relaxed. Which has got to be good news, right? Who wants to sweat over planning a summer or spring soirée? Throwing a budget-friendly outdoor (or indoor) party at home is a great way to get people together over the coming months. It can be low-key but still a ton of fun. So here are some tips on how to plan a simple soirée this spring or summer and help you have the perfect summer party at home.

How To Plan a Simple Soirée

Think Simple Decor

If you are planning on most of the party being outside, then luckily, your backyard or garden will have plenty of natural decor. So it doesn’t need to have too much else added to it. You could drape bunting around fencing or along trees, just to give the space a bit more color. You could use things like soda bottles or mason jars to create some cute table centerpieces. If your party is in the height of summer, then you could use sand in the mason jars and then fill with shells or flowers. Single flowers could be put in a soda pop bottle for a simple decoration. They could line the edge of the yard, or be used on tables.

Think Simple Games

If it is a party where there might be children or grandchildren, then having some games to play is always a good idea. Don’t think of anything too elaborate, though, as there really isn’t any need. Simple games like the kids playing tag or game with balloons can be a really good idea. If you’re stuck for ideas, then here is a list of free home party games, such as the left right game, and a couple of others. The games can be simple but still be a lot of fun.

Think Simple Lighting

Lighting is an important part of a spring or summer party. If it is going to carry on into the evening, then you’ll need a little something for when the night starts to kick in. You could use candles as a simple way to light the garden. You could think about using some fairy or string lights to light the garden. They can look really cute on fencing, for example. Just having something in mind if the party is looking like it will last a while.

How To Plan a Simple Soirée simple food

Think Simple Food

One way to make a spring or summer party nice and easy is to think about food that doesn’t need to be cooked. It is going to be warm after all! Think of salads, chips, and dip, as well as sandwiches, deli meats, and rolls, for example. Then you can always use a BBQ to heat or cook meat. When you choose foods that don’t need to be served warm, it makes the party much more relaxed and chilled out. One way to really take the stress out of it all is to plan a party that is potluck. Then you don’t have to think about all elements of catering meaning you can enjoy it much more.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.