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Real Estate in Dubai by the Sea for Foreigners

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Lately, the demand for real estate in Dubai has grown dramatically – especially among private buyers and foreign investors. And this fact is easy to explain. Who would refuse to acquire real estate for sale in Dubai by the sea at a very attractive price?

And is it worth keeping money in unreliable banks when it can be safely invested in liquid housing in the emirates, protecting your capital from inflation and receiving high additional income at the same time?

All this can be done now for a great price while real estate costs in the emirate are still far from record pre-crisis levels.

city buildings by the water lit up at night showing possible real estate in Dubai

Buy Property in Dubai for Vacation or Income

Purchasing property in Dubai, especially by the water, is always of interest to those who prefer to spend their holidays on the coast of the Persian Gulf every year. Dubai is a unique country where everything is created to make vacationers feel as comfortable as possible. But why overpay even for the most fashionable but expensive hotels when you can buy an apartment, a condo, or a house in Dubai and never have to depend on price hikes due to tour operators or the season? Moreover, owners of housing properties in Dubai can enjoy high rental income.

Pros of Buying Property from a Developer

Dubai is a popular place to build and the industry is booming. This fact entices a massive number of investors from all over the world. After all, everyone knows that foreigners can buy not only existing real estate from the owner but also housing from a developer at any stage of construction in Dubai.

Private buyers, along with investors, take advantage of this fact because by purchasing real estate in the construction phase, you can save a lot of money on the difference in the market value of the finished housing. And once the property is completed and put into operation, that piece of real estate in Dubai can be used for personal purposes and profitably resold, earning an increase in value.

What do Property Owners in Dubai Get?

Homeowners in Dubai will always benefit. Firstly, they can freely spend their vacation in Dubai – the country of eternal summer – after all, they will only need a plane ticket, and they will receive a visa for three years when buying real estate. Secondly, in Dubai, in both summer and winter, you can always find a wide variety of entertainment – from the tallest building in the world to skiing in a resort built among the sands. And thirdly, any, even the cheapest apartment in Dubai guarantees a stable financial future for the owners.

Real Estate Investment

The most famous of the emirates is constantly growing, doubling its population on average every 10 years. It is assumed that by 2030 about 6.5 million people will live here, compared to the current 3.1 million. This means that the need for real estate in Dubai will constantly grow. By investing in it now, you guarantee a passive income due to rent of up to 15% per annum. Selling real estate in Dubai will return the invested funds with a good profit if necessary.

Other benefits of buying a home in Dubai include:

  • developed infrastructure. The Emirates has a high level of medicine and education, well-established logistics;
  • affordability;
  • preferential tax policy. The property for sale in Dubai and rental tax is 0 percent, and the VAT rate is only 5%;
  • the option of receiving a residence permit fast. For this, a purchase in the amount of 205 thousand US dollars is enough;
  • Dubai is one of the twenty safest cities in the world.

Price of Real Estate in Dubai

The cost can vary greatly depending on the area’s prestige, the apartment’s size, the proximity of attractions, etc. The cheapest thing to buy property in Dubai at the construction stage is in areas remote from the sea, while ready-made apartments, houses, or villas in Dubai on the coast will cost several times more.

Whether you’re looking for a budget option or a luxury property, call us, and we’ll assemble a selection of properties to match your priorities.

Property for Sale in Dubai

Dubai presents a vast assortment of off-plan properties that are still under construction and will be completed soon while leading developers in the UAE persist to establish new unique properties for sale in Dubai.

The world’s most well-known and authorized companies have proven they can shape a stunning, smart, and safe future, and Dubai is well-positioned to be a hotspot today.

Dubai is regarded as one of the most famous and sought-after tourist and business goals and attracts many customers worldwide.

Top developers in the UAE are continuously counting new extra residents and homes in Dubai, incorporating the most delinquent cutting-edge technology and invention to form a tolerable environment. On, you can find all the offers.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.