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Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

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Transforming our bathrooms into spaces that we genuinely enjoy spending time relaxing and pampering ourselves, is not always easy. Other rooms in the house just seem to come together more easily than bathroom renovations which means that we often end up spending more money on remodeling our bathrooms than we need to. So check out our simple tips for remodeling your bathroom and making sure you stay on budget.

Research Online

One of the best ways to get ideas for remodeling your bathroom is to go online and get inspiration from other bathroom design and bathroom renovation companies. Jump online and look at bathroom furniture and renovation specialists for inspiration on how to work with what you already have, what areas need the investment and what products need investing in.


The textiles in our bathrooms are crucial for creating the right look and feel for this space. Due to the wet and humid environment of bathrooms, the rugs in our bathrooms can look shabby and tired very quickly. So one of the first things to consider when remodeling your bathroom is to make sure you are replacing your bathroom rugs whenever they begin to look a little sorry for themselves.

If you have a large family and the constant train of foot traffic jumping in and out of the bath leaves your bathroom rugs soggy and a little revolting then maybe it’s time to look into other options. There are a huge range of different bathroom rug textures that don’t have to look like a sodden rag on the floor once your family have bulldozed their way through their morning showers.

You can now buy bathroom mats made out of cork which look very unique and interesting. Wooden slatted bathmats that look really pretty on plain floors and are a very safe, non-slip option. Bamboo bathmats are a very tranquil and zen bathroom rug option.

Pebble bathroom mats are also becoming increasingly popular as they create a statement decorative piece for your bathroom and actually are really easy to make. If you are not keen on the texture of hard massaging pebbles beneath your feet you can create the same effect but with felt pebble bathmats instead. For the ultimate in underfoot texture, mossy bath mats are also available and not only look great by feel fantastic under bear feet.

The same goes for bathroom curtains. Bathroom curtains can look very shabby over time so need cleaning regularly and replacing from time to time. If you are worried that you don’t have enough in your budget for buying new curtains, fret not, it is actually really simple to make curtains and you can find out how on this DIY curtain making website,

Be Limited With Tiles

If your bathroom refurbishment is to be done on a shoestring then you need to be careful on the tiling you choose as tiles can rapidly eat away at the majority of your budget if you’re not careful. Beautiful looking tiles are integral to a good looking bathroom and of course the nicer the tile, generally the more expensive they are too. Therefore why not choose a range of more expensive tiles to create a runner around your bathroom and you can then choose cheaper tiles to fill the rest of the room. The runner tiles will naturally catch the eye and the plainer tiles will fade more into the background. This means you can create a more expensive look whilst paying just half the price you would if you used the pricey tiles throughout the bathroom.

Be Thrifty With Counter Tops

With granite being one of the most popular materials for bathroom counter tops, this means that this area of a bathroom refurb can also be a pricey one. As the most popular colors for granite tops seem to be the more neutral, lighter colors why not be a little flexible in the color you chose to try and get a cheaper price. Some granite counter tops may be cheaper due to small imperfections and consider these pieces as once you have the sink put in, most of the time you won’t be able to see them anyway.

Another great way to cut costs in this area is by considering using an old vanity dresser as your new bathroom sink pedestal. Even the least experienced DIY-ers can do a good job of this thrifty bathroom project as all that needs to be done is to extract the inside drawers, cut out the size of your sink in the top and cut holes in the back for plumbing. And viola, you have yourself a new sink unit.

Get The Paint Brushes Out

Painting your bathroom is one of the best and easiest ways to get started on remodeling your bathroom while on a budget. It’s an easy way you can breathe new life into your bathroom space. A new lick of paint works wonders into transforming slightly dingy bathrooms into fresh and inviting spaces. As mold and mildew is so common in bathrooms you will want to invest in a satin finish paint to help fight off the damage that can build up in this room.

Look At The Detail

Looking at the details around your bathroom is where it all comes together. Holes in the walls where old hooks have fallen off and rusty looking towel racks need attention, and fast. Although it is natural to focus on the bigger picture and the larger areas that need doing, the small details in the bathroom are the things that really make a big difference.

So look at replacing old towel racks, for modern and heated upgrades. If your budget won’t quite stretch to heated towel racks then pull out the old ones and instead use stylish freestanding towel racks instead.

Old shower curtains can look rather dingy when not replaced regularly, so make sure you are replacing those when necessary. Choose shower curtains that go well and compliment the overall style and decor you want to achieve with this room.

When you are happy with all the little tweaks you have made around the bathroom take a step back and consider what finishing touches you can add to really set your new bathroom renovation off. Beautiful lamps, candles, fresh flowers and sophisticated free-standing mirrors are all little details that will help finish off remodeling your bathroom and make sure your bathroom is a room you will want to spend much, much more time in.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.