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Ring Stix: A Unique Game Unlike Any You Have Played!

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Looking for a totally unique and fun game for kids 6 and up? One that will actually have them get up from their computers and video games and get active? A game that can get the whole family together for some healthy outdoor fun? Check out Ring Stix!

I had the opportunity to try Ring Stix myself, and it is tons of fun, and unlike any outdoors game you have seen. Developed in 2012, Ring Stix has already received many awards including Creative Child Magazine’s Top Toy of 2013, ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids 2013, Family Review Center’s Gold Award, Dr.Toy 10 Best Active Products, and several more! Designed for up to two players, the object of the game is to pass the ring back and forth using only a pair of sticks.


I received the Ring Stix Lite set which comes with 4 different colored Ring Stix (one pair per player) and one Ring. The sticks are capable of shooting the ring up to 30 yards, and the set is recommended for kids ages 6 and up.


To play, you hold one stick in each hand, making sure to cross them over each other in an ‘X’ so that the stick in your dominant hand is on top. You should be able to read the words “Ring Stix” on each stick if you are holding them correctly. The person who starts should place the ring over both sticks so it slides down towards your hands. You then pull your hands apart which causes the ring to go soaring off into the air. The other player then has to catch the ring using the pair of sticks!


Playing is not as easy as it sounds! It took James and I a couple of practice turns before we really got the hang of it, and then it became quite a fun and challenging game! The Stix and ring are all made of a durable plastic, and very durable so I’m not worried about them ever breaking. Plus I love that there are no batteries, so there’s nothing to replace!


Ring Stix is the perfect game to play anywhere, whether you are in your own back yard, at the beach or at the park. And since the rings float, you can even make it into a pool game! It will keep kids and adults occupied and having a blast for hours! To make it even more challenging, get several sets and have a group of people stand in a large circle playing all at once!


There are several different sets available including Ring Stix Lite, Ring Stix Standard and Ring Stix Pro. With Ring Stix Standard you get two pairs of sticks, a red ring and a glow-in-the dark ring, and the set is capable of shooting the ring up to 50 yards. It is a bit more powerful than the Lite, and is recommended for kids ages 10 and up. The Ring Stix Pro set includes 4 Stix with professional overmold grips, 1 red ring, 1 glow-in-the-dark ring and 1 carry bag. This set is more powerful than the other two, also capable of shooting the ring 50 yards, and recommended for kids 10 and up.

To purchase your Ring Stix set, visit and select the set you like best. You can also view videos to see exactly how the game is played! Ring Stix is also available on

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.