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Thanks to my favorite online site for discounted office supplies, I finally have the majority of my blogging life organized. Last month they sent me everything I needed to make the perfect blogging planner which has helped tremendously! At the same time, it made me realize I need to get everything else in order too!

All of our important papers such as taxes, bills and receipts are stuck haphazardly in piles and then thrown in desk drawers. Coupon inserts for the Sunday paper, and other loose coupons are in a plastic tote. It is easily described in one word, chaos! Or rather it was, now that has once more come through, sending me several Smead filing products to review! 

SuperTab Erasable Manilla Folder

Finally someone got smart and made file folders that you can use over and over without flipping the folder inside out, piling on label after label or scratching out one name just to add another! The SuperTab Erasable Manilla Folder by Smead can easily be used over and over thanks to its innovative erasable tab! All you need is a permanent marker (like a Sharpie) and a white polymer eraser (like this one).  I should go ahead and mention that using a ball point pen, pencil or regular pencil erasers or even colored erasers is not recommended because they can easily smear and leave marks. And if all of the writing does not come off, a simple tissue dampened with rubbing alcohol will do the trick!

Smead has also solved another one of my biggest pet peeves when using manilla folders – the fact that there never seems to be enough room on the tab to write longer labels, until now! They have enlarged the writing area on the tabs, making them 90% larger than standard file folders. This makes it so much easier to write everything you need! Now I have the perfect folders for keeping all of those papers organized so I can easily find them when needed!

FasTab Hanging Erasable Folder

Just like the ones above, Smead has also came out with the FasTab Hanging Erasable Folder which works perfect for those with hanging file cabinets. Again you need to use a permanent marker to write, and erase with a standard white eraser. These hanging folders come in multiple colors and can be used for creating all sorts of sub-filing systems organized by label and/color. 

Vertical File Folder

One of my favorite file folders are the Smead Organized Up Vertical File Folders. Each letter size folder has two tabs, one vertical and one horizontal, and opens on two sides, so you can easily file and organize your documents the same way you read them.

These super durable, heavyweight water-resistant folders are designed to withstand extensive use, and that along with the fact that they fit perfectly in a backpack, made them ideal for students! No more crumpled, smashed and torn papers to pull out when the kids come home from school, Moms! Their unique design also makes them perfect for desktops, and drawers. 

Step Index Organizer

Last, but not least, is the Step Index Organizer.  Different form many other step folders, Smead has designed this one with tiered tabs so you can see all labels at a glance, and a clear ‘window’ at the top for viewing contents.  It is also made of a durable, embossed poly material which resists both tears and moisture.It comes with both blank and pre-printed tab inserts for easy indexing and customization. The pre-printed tabs let you organize by month or letter of the alphabet.  Plus, on the front of the very first filing slot, there are two small inserts where you can place business cards or other small notes.

A flap and elastic cord closure work together to keep your papers secure. This step index organizer is exactly what I needed to keep all of my coupons organized, and I love that I can easily find exactly the insert I need by simply glancing at the tiered tabs instead of having to flip through all of the slots just to see the label.

Ready to get your important papers organized?  You can find all of these filing folders and more at affordable prices from And don’t forget that they also carry a large assortment of office stationary and other promotional products for your business that you can easily have personalized. They even carry certain medical supplies, too!  It’s one-stop online shopping for all your office, school and home office supplies!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.