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Offering Hope and Healing Through the Arts

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One of the great gifts of art, in all its forms, is in its incredible power to heal. That’s why exposure to the arts is such a powerful thing. Music and performance have the power to uplift and heal, which is why being involved in the arts and enjoying live performance is such a huge drive for so many people. It’s a sad reality, however, that may people, especially those who are disabled or underprivileged, have no access to the enjoyment of the fine arts. That’s where Sing for Hope comes in.

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The Arts Scene in New York

New York City is a place that hosts a vibrant music and art scene, as the city has long been a lure for artists of all kinds. Because of this, the people who created decided it was high time that the artists of this incredible city became connected with those who are in great need of the joyous uplift that music and live performance provides. This amazing organization puts together artists of all kinds, from puppeteers to opera singers to jazz musicians and actors, and connects them with a roster of organizations like hospitals, schools and community centers, where they can volunteer and share their talents with those who will truly enjoy them.

Ways to Become Involved

There are many ways to become involved with The website provides a guide for those who want to get involved and really make a difference. Artists of all kinds who volunteer with this organization will be connected with organizations who need what they do. They will have the chance to inspire young people, offer hope and healing to those who need it, and brighten up our city life with the power of their talent.

Students who want to become involved can audition for the group’s youth chorus, and also take part in our free workshops, which help to develop creativity in a wide area of disciplines.

If all this sounds like an organization worth supporting, it is.

From singers singing along with street pianos in NY, to opera singers sharing an aria with a group of young students in an under-resourced area, the people at are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those who need it. So get involved, and start making a difference today.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.