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Skincare Secrets For More Youthful Skin

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Skincare Secrets: Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy and Young

Of all the things that life can throw at us, aging is the one thing that most of us dread. Throughout our lives, our skin goes through a lot. From sun exposure to soaking up the chemicals from cigarette smoke. It’s exposure to these damaging things, as well as heat and dust, that impact how our skin looks in later life. Not to mention the fact that as well as keeping our feet on the ground, gravity also pulls our skin downwards. It’s this, and the fact that once we hit our late thirties, our bodies can no longer produce collagen, that causes our skin to sag. Team this with the fact that once we reach our early forties, our skin cells are much slower to regenerate, and we’re left with dull, wrinkled skin. Let’s be honest about it ladies, aging is no fun.

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The good news that while aging is inevitable, there are lots of ways that you can keep your skin looking young. It’s just a case of knowing the best ways to care for your skin, as well as how to undo the signs of aging. When it comes to skincare, we all wish that we had a dermatologist friend to help and advise us, but sadly we don’t. Luckily for you, I’ve dug deep, done lots of research. And I have armed myself with all the tips and tricks that dermatologists swear by for more youthful skin. Want to know the skincare secrets of a firm, wrinkle-free complexion at forty? Then make sure to keep reading.

See a dermatologist

The number one piece of advice that dermatologists swear by is, of course, to see a dermatologist. While there are plenty of ways you can help to create a more youthful complexion at home, seeing a dermatologist is always going to be your best bet. Not because of the advice that they can give you, but because of the treatments on offer.

From dermal peels to laser treatments, there are plenty of quick and easy cosmetic treatments that your derm can do for you. To remove wrinkles and brighten skin, the best treatment option is laser skin resurfacing. It’s quick, easy, and has amazing results – just one treatment can take years off your face.

Shrink your pores

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You may not know this but as ‘gunk’ fills our pores – aka grease and dirt, they expand. When we’re younger, our bodies break down these substances more quickly. However, as we start to age, our pores tend to stay expanded because we can’t break down the substances in them.

The good news is that the remedy for this is quick and simple. All you need to do is cleanse your pores with a product containing salicylic acid. This will help to dissolve the gunk and oil in your pores, allowing them to shrink down to a normal size. This type of cleanser can also help to remove dead skin that’s collected in your pores, this is important as else, it can lead to clogging.To find out more about shrinking your pores, visit the Woman’s Health website.

Protect your skin from the sun

You most probably already know how important protecting your skin from the sun is when it comes to aging, as well as your health. However, it’s still worth mentioning, as while we know how important it is, far too many of us don’t make the effort to protect our skin. If you want to ensure that your skin isn’t prone to wrinkle-causing sun damage, you need to wear sunscreen day in, day out. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy out, the sun’s UV rays can still penetrate your skin, causing sun damage.

That’s why it’s essential that each day before leaving the house, you apply sun protection to your face and any other areas of skin that are on show. As well as smothering yourself in sunscreen, if you want youthful looking skin, antioxidants are also crucial. Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you that your best weapon against sun damage is antioxidants. Eating lots of antioxidant containing foods helps. However, for the full effects, you need to invest in an antioxidant face cream.

Get more beauty sleep

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Want to get rid of those pesky dark circles once and for all? Then you need to be making sure that you’re getting plenty of beauty sleep – at least eight hours per night. It’s not just about the quantity of your sleep, but also the quality. If you’re not getting good quality sleep, you’ve got little chance of getting shot of your dark under eye bags.

To ensure the quality of your sleep is high, avoid exercising within three hours of your bedtime. It’s also worth quitting coffee after 4 pm, and your devices – smartphone and tablet, at least, an hour before you head up to bed. If you find it hard to drift off into a deep sleep, change up your bedtime routine. Relax in a lavender bubble bath, snuggle up in bed with a good book, or practice yoga to calm and soothe your mind. Find what works for you and implement it in your bedtime routine to ensure you get the best night’s sleep you can.

Invest in retinoid creams

Of all the anti-aging creams and serums on the market, retinol is the only one that’s been proven to reduce the signs of aging. When used over a six-week period on a nightly basis, retinol creams can have amazing effects on how youthful your skin looks. The only downside to it is that it can increase sun sensitivity, so it’s best only to use it at night.

While it can be purchased over-the-counter, the stronger stuff is only available on prescription. There’s a reason for this, for some women retinol cream can cause itching, redness, and soreness. However, as long as you introduce it to your skin slowly, mixing it with a normal moisturizer to start off with, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Hopefully, these tips have given you all the information that you need to make your skin appear more youthful. Take these skincare secrets on board and implement them, and in just a few short weeks you should see a difference to your skin.

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