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The Essential Guide To Buying Children’s Gifts This Christmas

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Christmas has always been a wonderful time for children. This is the season where magic comes to life with the promise of Santa Claus and his sack of presents. If you’re buying for a child this Christmas, you naturally want your gift to be worthy of such a special occasion. So the pressure is on to find something they are going to adore. Even though Christmas is just over a week away, there is still time to get those present bought for your own or others children. Take a look at this essential guide to buying children’s gifts to ensure you get the best gift possible this holiday season.

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Speak to the parents.

If you have children of your own, it will be easy for you to determine what will be a wonderful gift and what will be discarded in seconds. But if you don’t have children it can be a tough decision. Consider the toys you used to play with and look at popular toys this year. Also, think about the age and gender of the children you are buying for. You need to find something that is age appropriate but also enjoyable for the child in question. Remember it’s highly likely that the young boys and girls you are buying for will not be interested in the same things. So speak to their parent’s and find out what their children like and dislike. They might suggest an item you could buy that relates to a hobby or after school club their child attends for instance. They might also like a particular cartoon or movie that might be able to help you too. This insider knowledge will go a long way when you’re hunting for potential gift ideas.

Don’t choose over-complicated gifts

It can be tempting to choose toys and games that are flashing and technical, but it’s likely that they may go over the child’s heads. If they don’t understand how to play or get involved, they will soon lose interest, and your gift will be forgotten about. Simpler toys are often better options for children as they encourage the child to use their imagination more. A child’s imagination is endless so choose a toy or book that can adapt to any world or story they create themselves. Classic toys such as cars and dolls are ideal for this kind of play.

Stop worrying about the cost

Children are not bothered by the expense of a gift and care more about the present itself. Stop worrying about how much you can spend and focus on the item itself. Some of the best toys, like kids electric cars, are often the most expensive and can become lifelong friends to the child. Consider your budget and stick to what you can afford. You can choose a suitable budget limit with the child’s parents. A reasonable amount will be ideal if you are buying for each other’s children and avoids any sign of resentment, should one of you overspend.

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Look for gifts everyone can play with

While it’s important for children to play by themselves from time to time, it’s also important that they learn the meaning of sharing. It’s also a good way of teaching children about winning and losing. Choose a board game, book or toy that the whole family can play together. This social interaction will bring the family closer together and be ideal for the child’s development. Check the box to see how many people can play and choose depending on the family size. Games such as Snakes and Ladders or Twister can be a lot of fun for everyone, and their rules aren’t too difficult for children to grasp. Remember to avoid any games with small pieces that younger children could choke on. There are plenty of age-appropriate toys and games available that don’t run the risk of anybody being hurt.

Avoid competition and jealousy

Sibling rivalry is unavoidable and can happen at any moment. But you don’t want your gifts to be the reason for their jealousy and competition. It can be difficult to know how to avoid this, especially if you don’t know these children very well. One great way of eliminating this stress is buying them the same gift or something similar with a slight variation. This could be a teddy bear or plastic toy in a different color for each child. Shirt sets for siblings would also be a great gift as you can have it personalized with names and colors. If you want to get them something individual, always ensure they are of a similar size and quality. It’s unfair to buy one child a paperback book and another a bike for instance. Doing this should keep everybody happy and make your present buying stress-free.

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Think about the wrapping

Again, think about the age of the children you are buying for. Wrapping your gifts up with loads of sellotape and thick wrapping paper will be difficult for them to get into. Sustain the magic of unwrapping a Christmas gift by making it easy for them to get into. If they are particularly young, consider using large pieces of tissue paper which are easier for them to rip. You may need to use multiple layers to ensure the gift cannot be seen before the big day so choose darker colours instead of pastels. Gift bags and stockings filled with shredded tissue give the impression of wrapping while making it easy for the child to delve in.  If you would rather stick to traditional wrapping paper, keep it simple with the edges and only use minimum tape to hold it all together. This will keep the unwrapping process special. Plus it will encourage the children to open their presents by themselves, without their parents help.

In Conclusion

These tips should have helped you decide what to buy for the children in your life this holiday season. Think creatively and go for something that will inspire them and get them interested. It’s a wonderful time of year to encourage children to learn and play so make sure your gift is a lot of fun and get’s everyone involved. With this guide to help you, you’re bound to pick a fabulous gift for any child of any age.

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