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Time To Get Fishy! Easy Ways To Add Fish To Your Family’s Meal Plan This Week

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You might not know that fish is one of the best foods for our body. The high-protein and low-fat food have a wide array of health benefits. It can help maintain our cardiovascular health and prevent blood clotting. It also is essential to prevent arthritis in later life. And as for mental health, it has been found to help reduce depression.

A lot of people get confused as to what fish is the best one to eat; you should try salmon, mackerel, and sardines! And families are often unsure on how to add it to their weekly diet. After all, kids often turn up their nose to a plate of salmon. Therefore, here are some easy ways to add fish to your family’s meal plan this week!


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Go international with your food choices

It’s time to bring a bit of culture to your dinner. A lot of cuisines around the world incorporate fish into their dinner. In fact, Greece and Portugal, in particular, have a lot of delicious seafood dishes. Therefore, you can add some fish to your meal plan by having a different cuisine every night for a week. Your kids will love the idea, and it can spice up your meals for the week.

For example, you could cook a Greek-style roast fish dish which is white fish fillets with potato and tomato. Or you could even go for a Portuguese seafood stew which will keep your family full for hours. Not only will it teach your kids about cuisines around the food, but it will ensure they are getting plenty of fish in their diet.

Head to a fish restaurant

You can get your kids excited about eating fish this week by heading out to a fish restaurant. That way, they will be more inclined to try some fish dishes. To choose a great restaurant, you should make sure you check the menu in advance. That way, you know there are ideal choices for your kids to try.


Add fish to sauces for your dishes

The great thing about sauces is they are ideal for hiding foods. For example, a lot of parents hide essential fruit and vegetables in a tomato sauce, so they can ensure their kids are having their five-a-day! Therefore, the same thing works for fish.

You might want to make a prawn sauce which would be ideal with a salad. Or you could make a pasta dish with tuna sauce. It’s a popular choice which your kids will love. By hiding fish in sauces, picky kids will eat up without knowing they are eating the protein-filled goodness.


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You can also add fish to your child’s sandwiches for lunch. Smoked salmon and tuna are great choices that your kids will love to eat.  Remember to visit your local fishmonger when you are planning to buy fish.

It will ensure it’s the freshest fish available. Also, you might strike up a friendship with them, so that it will compel you to buy fish more often for our family! Hopefully you can use these suggestions for easy ways to add to your family’s meal plan this week!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.