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10 Tips for Getting the Best Sleep You Ever Had

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Are you sick and tired of getting insufficient sleep? Do you feel like you should be getting a higher quality of sleep? Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all about the amount of sleep you get, but rather the quality of it. You could be in bed for 10 whole hours, but if the sleep is broken and disturbed, you’re not going to feel so great once you wake up. Use these 10 tips for the best sleep you ever had and you’ll wake up feeling like a new person!

Drink Sleep Tea
There are a few different teas on the market that can help us to drop off to sleep better at night. They contain natural ingredients proven to help us relax and feel sleepier. Have a couple of cups in an evening if you struggle to drop off and see if they make a difference.

Limit Your Caffeine During the Day
Most people couldn’t imagine their lives without a coffee or two during the day. However, you need to monitor and limit your caffeine intake. Too much caffeine during the day could stop you from drifting off at night. It could also raise your cortisol levels, making you feel more stressed out.

Exercise Early in the Day
Exercising early in the day can be a great way to eliminate excess energy and feel more relaxed later on. Just don’t exercise too close to bed time, or you could end up feeling too awake!

Take a Hot Bath in the Evening
A nice hot bath in the evening is a nice way to prepare ourselves for bed. We will naturally begin to feel sleepier as our bodies cool down once we get out. Showers might work too, although they can be stimulating sometimes.

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Stay Away from Screens
Stay away from screens at least an hour before you’re due to go to sleep. Turn off the computer and TV, and put down your phone. Having these lights in your face is a surefire way to keep your brain working at a hundred miles an hour, thinking that it’s still day time. Try not to have any electricals in your bedroom at all, as the light alone can disrupt sleep.

Instead of playing on your smartphone, tablet or computer, read a book before bed to help you relax and drift off. You might even learn a thing or two.

Practice Deep Breathing and Meditation
Struggle to turn off for bed? Practice deep breathing and meditation to clear your mind. You should find yourself feeling calmer and ready for sleep in no time. If you’re interested in this, feng shui may help you too.

Prepare for Tomorrow
To take your mind off the day ahead, prepare for it. Lay out your outfit, and make your lunch. You’ll Save time and have less to think about.

Make Sure You Have the Right Kind of Bed and Mattress
Your bed and mattress play a huge part in your quality of sleep. Hybrid foam mattresses by John Ryan by Design can suit lots of different people, but there are plenty to choose from.  

Eat a Healthy Diet
The healthier your diet, the less disrupted your sleep will be. Do your body a favor!

If you are ready to get the best sleep ever, use these tips!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.