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Top 5 PC Sporting Games for Sports Lovers

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Whether you’re into sports like football, basketball, baseball, or even rocket-powered vehicles that smash balls across a kind of low-gravity arena, there are tons of PC sporting games for you. So, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have a PS5 console to indulge in the top sports games.

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And if nothing on our list catches your interest as a sports lover, you could also consider NFL Daily Fantasy Sports. When playing fantasy sports, you can choose your preferred sport, select your favorite players, and manage your own virtual team.

Nevertheless, we’ve listed the top five PC sporting games for sporting lovers of all kinds.

Football Manager 21

This series is quite well-known as one of the most strategic and in-depth PC sporting games throughout time. Football Manager 21 puts you directly in the manager’s shoes to guide your team toward success. You’ll get a close-up experience of the game.

Moreover, you’ll need to deal with a restrictive transfer budget, but the database consists of countless players. And each player comes with detailed info, including player styles and potential capabilities on the field.

Super Mega Baseball 3

If you prefer baseball as your chosen sport, then Super Mega Baseball 3 is an excellent choice. This PC sporting game provides an accessible experience that makes the games easy to pick up on and get started.

Don’t let the cartoonish aesthetics of the game design fool you either, because Super Mega Baseball 3 really does include an impressive depth on and off the playing field.


Back to football lovers, FIFA 22 is another of our lists’ must-have PC sporting games for sports fanatics. FIFA has held its top spot for sporting games since the 90s; you won’t be disappointed with this gaming investment.

Madden NFL 22

If you’re after American Football games, Madden NFL 22 is a top choice. However, this is also due to the dampening fact that there aren’t really any other choices out there for this American sport.

Nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed with this PC sporting games gameplay experience, choice of players, and graphics of this unique American Football PC game, even though there has been mild criticism in the past few years concerning game series complacency.

Golf With Your Friends

Golf might be somewhat underrated in terms of PC sporting games, although those that play and indulge in golfing games know it’s an acquired taste for a superior class of sporting lovers.

Golf With Your Friends is an excellent choice for PC because you can play alongside up to eleven of your golfing friends. You can also play online or locally. Moreover, there’s no barrier to entry, and no real-life skills are relevant; any golf fanatic can enjoy this game.

There are tons of PC sporting games on the market, and if you aren’t sure which game is suitable for you, it’s worthwhile to opt for game tutorials to get a close-up feel of what each game offers. You can also follow gaming streamers that provide insights and tips for each game. Otherwise, trialing games yourself is also a wise option for those who are skeptical about buying right away.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.