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Transform Your Garden This Fall

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For many of us, being outside in our gardens is associated with the summer months. But, Fall is a perfect chance to make more use of your outside space. The weather, albeit a little cooler, is still mostly dry. The leaves are beginning to fall, and your garden is changing. It presents the perfect opportunity to invest some time and effort to transform it ready for the winter months ahead. Spending time in your garden during the season of Fall creates less work for you next spring. So what are you waiting for? Here are some of the ways you can transform your garden this fall.

transform-your-garden-this-fall-mainImage via Flickr

Trim down the bushes and plant some new trees

As it is now autumn it’s time to invest a little of your time in toe the care of your existing plants and bushes. Many of them will need trimming ready for the winter months. You may want to consider tree planting in your garden. Some trees and bushes can withstand harsher weather and then will bloom beautifully in the spring.

Clear up the fallen leaves and debris

At this time of year, it’s understandable that our gardens can look a little messy and cluttered. This is normally down to the leaves having fallen off many trees and some debris like sticks gathering. So now is a great time to get these cleaned up ready for the winter. You could rake them yourself or invest in a leaf blower tool who could get the job done in half the time. You won’t believe how different your garden will look once the leaves are tidied away. You will have a much clearer idea of how much space you have.

Give your lawn some TLC

As the weather gets colder, your ability to mow your lawn will decrease. So when you get the chance make sure you give your lawn some TLC. Trim and mow it as often as you can. You may also want to give your lawn a feed which will provide relevant nutrients to ensure good growth remains. It’s easy for a lawn to lose it’s color and condition during cold months.

transform-your-garden-this-fall-cleanImage via Wikimedia

Steam clean your patio and decked area

Your patio and decked areas are used immensely during the summer months. So as the weather worsens, you may start to see the dirt appear in these areas. The colder weather can make things worse, making this a huge job come spring. Lessen the workload for yourself and give those areas a good spring clean now. It can make a big difference to your outside making it a much more useable space before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Plant some seeds ready for spring

Finally, you may want to consider planting some new seeds for the Spring ahead. Now that you have cleared a lot of the leaves away you may have some space, within your flowerbed to take advantage of. This could help create a lovely space for you to enjoy next spring.

I hope this has inspired you to transform your garden this fall.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.