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4 Musical Instruments Worth Trying This Year

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Have you ever wondered about learning to play a musical instrument? There are so many instruments worth trying if you are as music-lover, it can be hard to know which one to try first. Here are four of the most popular instruments that people choose when learning to play music.

People that play musical instruments make it look so effortless. It seems to come so naturally to them, the perfect notes just falling from their fingers without a second thought. Music is everywhere in the world: on television, in stores, at church, even rural tribes in the rainforest create and enjoy their own music.

People use music to express their feelings and evoke emotion in their listeners. And there is something so magical about watching someone lose themselves into a song or instrument, when you can see them really connecting on a deep level with the melodies or words.

Being able to play an instrument is an admirable trait. It’s something you often get forced into as a child and quit as soon as you have the chance. But then fast forward a few years and you find yourself wishing you had committed yourself to it because just imagine how good you would be now.

Instead of dwelling on what could have been, why not give one of these four instruments worth trying a whirl and see how much you can master this year. You never know, this could be the year you realize your musical genius.

the piano is one of the most popular instruments worth trying

1. Piano

The piano is a classic. It’s also one of the most popular instruments worth trying to learn. Most people can play some sort of tune on the piano by having a guess and pressing a few keys. It has got to be one of the easiest instruments to learn to play. Much like the saxophone, learning to play the piano gives you the versatility to create sounds across a multitude of genres. It is one of the most common instruments used in music.

The iconic instrument has moved past classical symphonies, while obviously you should listen to the mastery of Beethoven and Chopin if you are going to start walking down the piano path, but keyboards now allow you to create a whole universe of sounds. You can buy cheap plug-ins on your computer to alter the sounds of your keyboard and take the music in any direction imaginable.

If you don’t consider yourself to be naturally gifted when it comes to the world of music, then the piano is the instrument for you. Learning to play the piano improves your aural awareness, meaning it will train your ear to pick up certain sounds, pitches, and tones that you may not have been in tune with before. Interestingly, this also gives you an advantage when learning a foreign language as you develop an ear for sound patterns. Learning to play the piano is an all-round brain booster for sure!

playing drums

2. Drums

Another of the most popular musical instruments worth trying are the drums. The drums are an integral part of any song. They are the rhythm and timing; the whole song relies on the drums to keep it in check and flowing smoothly. Having good rhythm is a skill that can be transferred across all instruments, which will transform you into an all-round musician, rather than just a solo artist, which is one of the main reasons a lot of musically inclined individuals decide to pick up the drumsticks.

Drumming also has great benefits on mental health, relieving stress and can be a physical workout in itself. The first place to start is learning how to hold drumsticks, having a play around, and tapping out some little beats to get a feel for the sounds.

Find more essential drumming tips at PIRATE, a company that provide opportunities and inside knowledge for creatives, including the renting of studios and equipment in cities across the world. You may be joining John Bonham in the drummer hall of fame yet!

the saxophone is one of the most popular instruments worth trying

3. Saxophone

The sax is another of the most popular instruments worth trying. Oh, the sweet sexy sound of the saxophone. There is nothing quite like it. Jazz has the power to bring up all kinds of thoughts and emotions, in both the musicians and the audience. The saxophone is arguably the most sensual instrument out there. It is timeless, and easy to fall deep into the melodies it produces. It is definitely worth a try if you’re considering trying something new.

While it may be hard to master up to the iconic levels of John Coltrane or Charlie Parker, the sax has been featured on countless pop tracks across the years, from George Michael to Katy Perry. It’s not hard to understand why the saxophone has made its way into most genres of music, seeing crossovers with rap, hip hop and electronic music to bring us the most soulful and heartfelt pieces.

But it isn’t all deep emotions and feeling; the sax also has the ability to bring the part – it’s all about how you chose to express it. So, if you’re looking for a little bit more of a challenge and want to be marveled at for expressive musical creations, give the sax a go.

man playing the guitar

4. Guitar

Finishing off our list of the most popular instruments worth trying is the guitar. Another timeless classic, and one of the most sought-after instruments to learn to play across the globe is the guitar. Picture yourself camping, it’s a summer’s night but the fire is blazing, the marshmallows are roasting, and your friends are sat around as you amaze them with your sweet guitar skills.

Being serenaded with the strings of a guitar gets those butterflies fluttering around your heart. With the guitar, mastering a few simple chords opens a whole world of opportunities in terms of song choice, as there are so many songs that use the same patterns.

While, like the piano, it is fairly easy to pick up the basics, and you can learn a lot online for free using videos and websites, to get to the level where you can play as naturally as if the music is running through your veins takes a lot of practice, hard work and dedication. If you have the drive, the end result will be one that many of us only dream of.

Final Thoughts About Instruments Worth Trying

Music is magic, and imagine having the ability to create emotional wildfires, glittering excitement and deep pleasure right at your fingertips. If you are looking for a sign that this is the year for you to pull out your finger, pick up that instrument and actually get good, this is it. It’s your time to shine.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.